Australian Bingo - How To Play Bingo In Australia?

Among the countries that are most popular for playing bingo is Australia. Have you ever thought about Australian Bingo? What type of bingo is played in Australia? In this article, we’ll explain the history of bingo in Australia, as well as how to play Australian Bingo.

Posted: 18/12/2020

Considering it’s a simple and straightforward game that offers a lot of fun and excitement, there’s no doubt why bingo has become a huge trend across the world. Bingo is a game of luck and chance that allows people to gather together, have fun, and potentially win some prizes. What’s more, bingo has been considered a great stress reliever and there are even special bingo games and cards for stress relief.

Bingo has a long history all over the world. From Europe to the USA, bingo can be found everywhere. It has been most popular in the UK, where more than half of the people regularly play this exciting game. And did you know that it has been estimated that Brits spend more money on bingo tickets than on football? As a result, we have football bingo cards, ideal for a perfect football-watching bingo party.

The most popular bingo game in the UK is 90-ball bingo, also known as British Bingo. It’s played with 90 balls, numbered from one to 90, and the bingo cards are arranged into nine columns and three rows. When it comes to the USA, the most popular type of bingo is 75-ball bingo, also known as American Bingo. It is played with numbers from one to 75, placed on a bingo ticket that has five columns, split into 25 squares and filled with 24 numbers. Furthermore, we have the Irish Bingo, a bingo game played in Ireland where the bingo halls are just as popular today as they were back in the 1960s. Everywhere in the world, it has been said that women play bingo more than men, but today, everyone is playing bingo, as it’s present online and is closer to us. This resulted in having many bingo superstitions that people believe in, and it was actually proved that bingo players are more superstitious than the average person.

Among the countries that are most popular for playing bingo is Australia. Have you ever thought about Australian Bingo? What type of bingo is played in Australia? In this article, we’ll explain the history of bingo in Australia, as well as how to play Australian Bingo.

History of Bingo in Australia

In Australia, bingo has been known as a sociable game that offers reasonable stakes for potentially bigger winnings. You can find bingo games in many bingo halls, bars and social clubs in Australia, and today, people of all ages enjoy playing this popular game. Of course, online bingo is as popular as land-based bingo in Australia, and there are hundreds of online bingo sites available for Australian citizens, including seniors.

When it comes to the history of Bingo in Australia, it has been widely accepted that the origins of bingo date back to Italy in the 1500s and the game came to Australia at the start of the 20th century. When bingo came to Australia, it has been called as ‘Housie” and winners shouted ‘House” rather than ‘Bingo’. According to some resources, bingo games firstly took place in marquees across the country, after which they were transferred to the classic bingo halls.

Just like the origins of bingo in many other countries, bingo became popular in Australia through the years and more and more people showed interest in playing this social and fun game. The Australian bingo inspired a game show and there was the National Bingo Night shown on the Seven Network in 2007. The show included a bingo host that interacted with the audience, contestants, and households, all being able to play and win prizes.

Today, just like everywhere in the world, so does online bingo is popular in Australia. There are plenty of Australian bingo sites, offering various types of bingo games and promotions for the players. Today, thousands of people are playing online bingo on a daily basis because it’s simpler and easier to play, and they can play from anywhere they want. And don’t worry, online bingo is completely safe and secure, and it offers numerous bonuses and promotions that you won’t find in a bingo hall.

How to play Australian Bingo

Playing Australian Bingo is the same as playing any other type of bingo. While some countries, like the UK, are strict in terms of the type of bingo that is played across the country, the situation in Australia is different. This country has been flexible and you can find 90-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball, and many other types of bingo games playing around the country. The same applies to online bingo, and you’ll find numerous different bingo games at the Australian bingo sites.

Australian Bingo Calls

If you’ve ever played bingo, whether in a bingo hall or online, you might have heard the caller calling the winning numbers with some unusual nicknames. These are known as Bingo Calls, or Bingo Lingo, and they are a combination of rhyming slang phrases that relate to particular numbers. Bingo Lingo is also present in the world of online bingo, so you might read some interesting phrase or word in the bingo chat rooms while you play. 

Besides the traditional bingo calls, players are getting more creative and that’s how we have the 21st Century Bingo Calls. They are innovative bingo calls that apply to the modern era, so players don’t get bored with the traditional calls. What’s more, there are some players that use rude bingo calls that make the gaming atmosphere more interesting. Rude Bingo Calls will make players laugh as they try to mark off their bingo cards, especially if you make up some hilarious bingo calls on your own.

Australia and its culture have also had an impact on developing these bingo calls in the past. For example, the most famous bingo call in Australia is ‘Kelly’s Eye’ for Number 1. Many people believe that this call is a reference to the country’s most famous outlaw, Ned Kelly. Next, we have the bingo call for Number 55 - ‘Snakes Alive’. Snakes have a strong connection to Australia and the New South Wales Government revealed that it is home to around 140 species of land-based snakes and 32 which reside in the sea.

Start Playing Online Bingo Today

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