What You Need To Know About The National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

The Chocolate Ice Cream Day is observed every year on the 7th of June. During this day, people celebrate by eating chocolate ice cream and dedicating their entire day to this special dessert. Let's see how it all started.

Posted: 06/06/2021

It’s National Chocolate Ice Cream Day tomorrow! And because so many people are fans of this dessert, the wisest among us decided to pay a special tribute and dedicate an entire day in summer June. Thus, on the 7th of June every year, we celebrate one of the most popular ice cream flavours of all time! Believe it or not, chocolate came before the vanilla flavour, as the earliest chocolate ice cream flavours were modelled after the hot chocolate drink.

Chocolate Ice Cream - The Origins

The exact origin and the godfather of the National Chocolate ice cream day are still unknown. Even though vanilla is considered the most popular ice cream flavour, things changed when Italians decided to freeze hot chocolate back in 1692. This recipe was then published in the Italian cookbook “The Modern Steward”.  Since then, these two constantly compete against each other as generations change their taste and preferences.

Up until the 1800s, ice cream was a luxurious treat served only to the rich. This was due to the fact that this class was the only one that could afford to import and freeze it when it arrived. So, next time you eat chocolate ice cream, recall the humble but powerful beginnings of this classic summer delight.


And, just like the chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream is quite versatile today. Add it to desserts, sprinkle some mint chips or mix it with cookies or Oreo’s – you won’t make a mistake there. Did you know that ice cream sundaes were actually prepared to be served on Sundays only? Well, that explains the resemblance. By law, on Sundays, soda drinks were not allowed to be sold. As a way to make a turnaround, one local shop chose to serve ice cream and syrup without the soda and still offer the sugary treats. Today, the classic chocolate ice cream is the main ingredient in many flavours such as the Rocky Road, Neapolitan, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and many more.

How to celebrate Chocolate Ice Cream Day?

There’s no questioning about this one-if you’re a fan, treat yourself with a cone of chocolate ice cream. You can eat the classic, simple flavour or enhance it with additional ingredients. Pay a visit to your local ice cream parlour and check the varieties of chocolate ice cream-you’ll definitely find a winner.

Or, you can recreate and adapt your own chocolate ice cream at home. It’s pretty easy actually, as you’ll only need the right ingredients and a fridge to cool it down. Search online for the easiest chocolate ice cream recipe and follow the steps - your ice cream will be ready in no time. After this, you can brag about this and pay tribute to this day on social media. Create a good photo collage and use the popular hashtags to let the world know about this day.

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