Irish Bingo

When it comes to Ireland, bingo is a very popular game that Irish people enjoy on a daily basis. There are many bingo halls around the country and bingo players love to associate this game with the famous ‘Irish luck’. So, what is Irish bingo? Let’s find out.

Posted: 16/10/2020

Bingo is one of the UK’s most treasured games that is still widely popular today as it was in the 20th century. These days, we also have the online bingo which has revolutionised the way Brits play this entertaining game. Now, online bingo gives us the opportunity to play from anywhere we want, at any time. Still, whether you’ll choose to go to a land-based bingo hall or play bingo from the comfort of your home, there are hundreds of people who won’t refuse the chance to play a round of bingo or two, and potentially win some great prizes.

When it comes to Ireland, bingo is also a very popular game that Irish people enjoy on a daily basis. There are many bingo halls around the country and bingo players love to associate this game with the famous ‘Irish luck’. So, what is Irish bingo? Let’s find out.

Irish Bingo

Considering the popular phrase about the ‘luck of the Irish’ and its association with luck including the legendary four-leaf clover, it’s not a surprise that Ireland has inspired software providers to develop different Irish-themed games, including bingo. In fact, Ireland has a long history of bingo, and people love and enjoy this game on a regular basis. There are even some Irish-themed bingo calls that we will share with you below.

As you probably know, the rising popularity of online bingo has caused many bingo halls in the UK to close. However, in Ireland, the rise of online bingo didn’t have some damaging effects on the Irish land-based bingo halls as it had in the UK. The bingo halls in Ireland are just as popular today as they were back in the 1960s. Of course, there have been some changes in the bingo halls, but they are still operating and people are regularly visiting them. In addition to these changes, the introduction of the smoking ban caused drive-in bingo to become popular across Ireland. The drive-in bingo requires players to drive in with their vehicles, turn off their engine and buy bingo tickets. If they get a line, players must beep their horn and the caller will come and hand them the prize through the window. Interesting, right?

While land-based bingo halls continue to be popular in Ireland, online bingo sites are just as popular and there are many players to choose to play bingo from the comfort of their own home. This led to hundreds of online bingo sites to be launched very often, so players have plenty of choices when it comes to which bingo site to play at.

Irish Bingo History

As you probably know, the history of bingo starts in Italy way back in 1530. Then, bingo appeared in the form of a national lottery called “Lo Giuoco Lotto Italia”. The most interesting fact is that bingo still runs every Saturday in Italy. In the following years, bingo has increased in popularity and different versions of the game started to appear across Europe and the rest of the world. The Americans called this game “Beano”. Legend has it that in 1929, toymaker Edwin S. Lowe gathered his friends to play beano. Acting as a caller, he started calling the winning numbers. When one player’s final number was called, he called out “Bingo!”, and the name stuck.

In terms of bingo in Ireland, it is believed that the Catholic Church introduced bingo in the 1960s in this country. Since then, bingo has grown in popularity and resulted in a lot of bingo halls being opened across the country. Bingo was used as a form of socialising across Ireland, just like it was in the UK. Throughout the years, bingo had many changes and modifications, depending on the country where it was played. However, no matter where and how bingo is being played, one thing is for sure - it brings the same joy and excitement!

Irish Bingo Calls Inspiration

It’s already clear that Irish people really loved bingo for a great number of years. Therefore, the country has inspired a few bingo calls within the game. Bingo calls are also known as Bingo Lingo and they are a combination of rhyming slang phrases that relate to particular numbers. Originally, the process of calling out the numbers was boring, so bingo calls were designed to engage the players in the game and make a more enjoyable and energetic atmosphere.

The most popular bingo call that is related to Ireland is the one used for the number 52 - Danny La Rue. The entertainer Daniel Patrick Carroll was very popular across the country and had a very successful career up until his death in 2009. The fact that his name is used as a bingo call is proof of his popularity in both Ireland and the UK.

Another popular bingo call inspired by Ireland is the one used for the number 55 - Snakes Alive. Snakes have an interesting connection to Ireland, as it was believed that country’s patron saint St Patrick apparently banished every single one of them from the country many centuries ago because they attacked him during a 40-day fast. Funny, right?

Start Playing Irish Bingo

So, with Ireland and the Irish luck being so popular when it comes to bingo, it’s not a surprise that many people in the country love and enjoy bingo on a daily basis. And we are not surprised, given the fact that there isn’t a game more sociable and fun than bingo. So, if you’re in for an adventure, why not try playing online bingo? At Bingo Scanner, we’ve scanned the best bingo sites and found special promotions for you. 

If you are interested, check out all of the bingo sites that we recommend and make your pick. Good luck playing!

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