Bingo Vs Lottery - What's The Difference?

There are some differences between bingo and lottery that make these games unique and popular for different groups of people. So, bingo vs lottery - what’s the difference? Continue reading and you’ll find out.

Posted: 19/05/2021

Bingo and lottery are two of the most popular games in the UK. Both games involve buying tickets with random numbers. And if you take a look at how these games are played, you’ll realise that bingo and lottery are very similar games.

However, there are some differences between bingo and lottery that make these games unique and popular for different groups of people. So, bingo vs lottery - what’s the difference? Continue reading and you’ll find out.

What is Bingo?

Almost every person in the world has played bingo at some point in their life. Bingo is a game of chance where players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a bingo caller. The first person to mark off all their numbers is the winner.

Bingo is loved by people of all ages. It is a fun, exciting, and easy-to-play game. Bingo has been played and celebrated for hundreds of years and people have been enjoying it in bingo halls all over the world. 

When it comes to the UK, bingo is one of the most popular games. The reason why bingo is so popular is that it allows people to gather together and have fun. What’s more, bingo has many health benefits. It boosts your brain and helps you improve memory and cognitive function. 

When bingo appeared, it was played in bingo halls across the cities. It’s even featured in many scenes in popular movies. And these days we have online bingo that is even closer to us.

Online bingo is an advanced option of playing bingo, because everything takes place online, on the Internet. Now, you don’t have to visit a bingo hall, buy a ticket, and wait for the game to start. Instead, you can log in to a bingo site, find a game you want, and start playing!

What is Lottery?

Similar to bingo, the lottery is a game of chance where winners are chosen by a random drawing. This is the second popular game in the UK, played by millions of people every single week. According to some recent studies, 1 in 2 adults in the UK regularly takes part in the lottery.

Most lottery games work in the same manner. They require you to choose about five or six numbers from a selection of around 60. Then, the lottery is drawn and the winning numbers are chosen. Again, the number of winning numbers is five or six, depending on the type of lottery. If at least three of your numbers match the winning numbers, you’ll win a cash prize.

The first lottery that was launched in the UK was The National Lottery, which is still the most popular lottery game there. In addition, other lottery games have launched since then, so other popular games include The Health Lottery and the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Bingo vs Lottery - What’s the Difference?

As you can see, bingo and lottery are very similar games. However, they still have some differences. So, what are the main differences between a bingo game and a lottery game?

Players and Prize

If you’ve ever played bingo before, you will know that the number of players is smaller compared to the players participating in the National Lotter. However, as we have online bingo now, the number of players that enjoy online bingo games has increased and is bigger than the number of lottery players.

Another difference between bingo and lottery is the prize. The prize offered in the lottery is significantly higher than the prize offered in bingo games. In addition, bingo games involve more prizes for completing different winning patterns, and their value is less compared to the jackpot prize lottery offers.


In both online and land-based bingo, games are played until someone wins. The number of bingo numbers can reach high, depending on the type of bingo game you’re playing, so eventually, someone will win. 

On the other hand, the lottery game ends when the five or six winning numbers are announced. It’s possible that no one matched the winning numbers so there won’t be a winner.


If you want to play lottery, you’ll have to wait for one week, as the National Lottery takes place once a week. On the other side, bingo is played on a daily basis, especially now that we have online bingo. If you check the best bingo sites, you’ll find different types of bingo games played every day.

Selection of Numbers

When playing bingo, players are not allowed to select numbers. They just need to purchase already designed bingo tickets and hope that the numbers included will be called. 

But when playing lottery, players have to select their chosen numbers before making a purchase. This allows you to choose your lucky numbers and make your own combinations.


The odds of winning in online bingo are huge because there are different winning patterns included in the tickets. In some games, like 90-ball bingo, you can win by completing 1 line, 2 lines, or 3 lines, also known as the Full House pattern.

But, the odds of winning in the lottery are low because prizes are given only for a couple of numbers. And as we’ve mentioned above, when you play the lottery, it can happen that no one wins.

Social Interaction

No matter if you play bingo online or in bingo halls, the game allows you to interact with other players and have fun. That’s why bingo is considered a social game where players can talk to each other, have a drink or two, and enjoy their time.

In the lottery, millions of people buy tickets and watch the National Lottery from home, so there’s no much place for social interaction. Bingo is a game where social interaction is more valued than the prize. The lottery is a game where people play in the hope to win the jackpot.

Try your luck at online bingo today

So, what’s your choice - bingo or lottery?

Both bingo and lottery have advantages and appeal to different people. But, if you’re looking for a new social activity to spend your free time on, why not consider bingo? 

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