Bingo Balls - What Do We Need Them For?

Bingo balls are the main focus in a game of bingo. So, what are bingo balls and how they work? In this article, we will explain the importance of bingo balls in both land-based and online bingo games, so you’ll learn more about them. Let’s get started!

Posted: 11/12/2020

Bingo is one of the most popular and exciting games all over the world, especially in the UK. It’s a dynamic game that allows people to hang out with friends, have fun, play and potentially win some prizes. Bingo has been around for decades and players love it as it’s an easy game that brings a lot of entertainment.

When bingo was invented, it was played in bingo halls. Players gathered in these halls and bought bingo tickets, played, told bingo jokes, and had fun. That’s why bingo is recognised as a social game that brings people together. Over the years, technology has taken over the world we live in today, and everything has been present online, including bingo. As a result of the revolution of the Internet, we have online bingo played at bingo websites. Online bingo is the same bingo game but it’s played on online bingo sites, instead of going to land-based bingo halls. It allows you to play at any time, from anywhere you want. And don’t worry, you’ll get the chance to hand out with your friends again - virtually! You can even throw a virtual bingo party. In fact, online bingo brings people together as its community is even bigger than the community in bingo halls, so now you can meet people from all over the world.

Whether you play bingo in bingo halls or online, the rules are the same. Players have to purchase bingo tickets which have numbers on them. Then, the person known as bingo caller will call out the winning numbers that you have to mark off on your bingo ticket. There are bingo balls, each one containing a particular number, and the balls with the winning numbers are pulled out through a machine. When a player marks off all of the called numbers, they are the winner.

As you can notice, bingo balls are the main focus in a game of bingo. So, what are bingo balls and how they work? In this article, we will explain the importance of bingo balls in both land-based and online bingo games, so you’ll learn more about them. Let’s get started!

What are Bingo Balls?

Bingo balls are the numbered balls used for playing bingo. They are small balls that have different colours and label with letters. Bingo balls are designed to choose the numbers for the bingo games and the winning balls are randomly chosen in every bingo game. They can vary from one bingo game to another, but they are usually designed with a base colour that represents the number and a white circle on one side to showcase the number. For example, in British Bingo, also known as 90-ball bingo, there are 90 different bingo balls, representing numbers from one to 90. On the other hand, in American Bingo, also known as 75-ball bingo, there are 75 different balls with numbers from one to 75.

Bingo Balls in Land-Based Bingo

In the bingo games played in land-based bingo halls, the bingo balls are located in a dedicated cage, which rotates the balls and randomly pulls out one by one. The bingo caller announces the ball that is released from the cage and tells the number that is written on it. Players need to mark off these winning numbers on their bingo cards. When a bingo ball has been pulled out from the cage, it is set aside to make sure it’s not returned to the cage and pulled out again in the same game. There is a monitor that displays the number of balls that were pulled as the caller announces each one.

Bingo Balls in Online Bingo

As we’ve mentioned above, the online bingo game is the same game played in bingo halls, but is now taking place online, at online bingo sites. This means that there are no physical bingo balls, but virtual. The virtual bingo balls are jumbled by the computer. There is a virtual bingo caller that announces the numbers on the bingo balls as they are displayed on the monitor. Players don’t need to mark off the numbers on their tickets as the computer will automatically mark them when it sees a match. The popularity of online bingo is constantly increasing, and there are hundreds of online bingo players that play this game on a regular basis. Plus, online bingo allows you to play bingo at home and there are different ways through which you can play this game from the comfort of your own home.

Bingo Calls

If you’ve ever played bingo in the UK, you might have heard the caller calling the winning numbers with some unusual nicknames. These are known as Bingo Calls, or Bingo Lingo, and they are a combination of rhyming slang phrases that relate to particular numbers. Bingo Lingo is also present in the world of online bingo, so you might read some interesting phrase or word in the bingo chat rooms while you play. Besides the traditional bingo calls, players are getting more creative and that’s how we have the 21st Century Bingo Calls which are innovative bingo calls that apply to the modern era, so players don’t get bored with the traditional calls. What’s more, there are some players that use rude bingo calls that make the gaming atmosphere more interesting. Rude bingo calls will make players laugh as they try to mark off their bingo cards, especially if you make up some hilarious bingo calls on your own.

Start Playing Online Bingo Today

Now that you’ve learnt more about bingo balls, you will probably try playing some game of bingo. If you don’t have enough time to visit a bingo hall, you can always play online bingo games. The fun is guaranteed!

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