How To Celebrate The First Day Of Spring

The Spring Equinox is a powerful seasonal day, celebrated by many people and praised throughout our history. We encourage you to find some time around the Equinox to pause & praise this meaningful seasonal shift. Here are a few simple ways on how you can spend this day:

Posted: 19/03/2021

Bye-bye winter, hello spring! The spring season will officially arrive tomorrow-at least for some of us. This event marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, also known as the spring equinox. Twice a year, the Sun sits vertically above the equator, giving us 12-hour day and night everywhere on the planet. But what does equinox mean, and what determines the first day of spring?

The word equinox comes from the Latin words for “equal night”, where aequus(equal) and nox(night). Considering the fact that the length of day and night are nearly equal, you can enjoy the increasing hours of sunlight, with later sunsets and earlier dawns. This day is considered a holiday across many religions and cultures. Have you thought about how will you celebrate and praise the new season? We’ll give you a few ideas on what to do this weekend and explore a few worldwide traditions.

Balance an Egg

One of the spring traditions in the USA is to try and balance an egg on one end. This tradition takes us back to the 1940s when a newspaper article explained the Chinese custom to balance a raw egg on the first day of spring. This event was believed to bring good luck for the whole year. Even though the Chinese celebrate the first day of spring in early February, Americans have adopted and began this tradition on the first day of spring in March. Some people go even further and believe that egg-balancing is possible on this day because gravity shifts between the sun and Earth, but this is not a confirmed theory. If you’re willing to try this at home, use a rough surface and look for an egg that’s not entirely smooth.

Spring Cleaning

It is an essential part of this season and the perfect opportunity to freshen up, shift and clean our home space. Make a plan or a list where you’ll write the stuff you no longer use or need in your home. You’ll be surprised when you realise how much space takes up the clutter in your closet and drawers. Tidy every corner of your home, and maybe you’ll come up with an idea on how to redecorate it. If possible, rearrange your furniture or add a few accessories such as pillows, blankets and candles in different colours. In a few hours, your room will look fantastic, and the energy in it will flow harmoniously – that’s what we all like for ourselves, right?

Wear a Shamrock

Surprisingly, the shamrock is not worn only on St. Patrick’s Day! Although the holiday initially began as a Christian feast celebrating the life of St. Patrick. Today, it’s a day of praising and celebrating all things Irish! The symbolic equinox plant in Druidry is precisely the shamrock – three heart-shaped leaves. This one was associated with the Triple Goddess of Celtic mythology, also known as the “Three Morgans”. Moreover, the shamrock represents the regenerative power of nature, perfect harmony, balance and growth. You also can put on your favourite green shirt, wear that shamrock-designer scarf or play St. Patrick themed bingo games to tribute the and tradition.

Plan a Nice Family Dinner

What’s the best way to celebrate a day other than trying a new recipe or preparing your favourite dish? The tradition says, though, that you need to prepare a meal that has eggs in it. If preferred and possible for you, try that famous quiche recipe or cook other eggs-quisite meal for lunch or dinner. Moreover, the 20th of March stands for the World Storytelling Day. Take this opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones and share some of your childhood stories or any other fun fact. Even if you’re not able to be physically present with them now, you can always organise a virtual hangout or invite them to play some of the most entertaining and unique bingo games online. You can be sure that your family or friends will appreciate the initiative.

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