Favourite British Comfort Food Dishes

Traditional British dishes have stood the test of time and linger in our thoughts, believe It or not. Here are our picks of some all-star examples of comforting classics to enjoy with loved ones on the weekend.

Posted: 07/05/2021

Even though British cuisine has never reached the popularity heights of French or Italian dining, it stands still as one of the ultimate comfort food cookbooks. Maybe it’s because of the potatoes cooked and served in all forms or shapes, stuffed meat or custard desserts. Whatever the reason, those that have tried a few of the most popular British dishes agree that these meals will embrace you and give you the hug you need after a long day – in the form of a meal.

We’ve picked our most beloved traditional British dishes that include fish, chicken and different pie variations. Some of these go well with tea so that you can have a full British experience. That joke was on us, so stay tuned, and maybe we’ll give you an idea of what to cook for lunch or dinner this weekend.

Pork Pies

Even though it sounds inviting, you’ll recognise why this meal is not that popular among the younger audiences as soon as you go through the details. Still, the bohemians that enjoy specific tastes and combinations agree that pork pies are very much underrated. These pies are made out of crispy pastry stuffed with pink pork meat, while the thin jelly membrane is the layer that divides these two components. You’ll also find this recipe under “Yorkshire Growlers”, as it is a variation and slang for a pork pie. Serve it cold or briefly heated in the microwave with mushy peas or brown sauce.

Leek and Potato Soup 

Are you looking for something light, healthy and creamy to eat? Here’s the traditional soup variation, this time packed with fresh leek and potatoes. When it comes to servings, some people prefer their leek and potato portions with chunky bits, where the potato is roughly chopped, and layers of the leeks are visible. For others, the blended version works quite well, as you get a silky, smooth broth serving. No matter your choice, make sure to add one cup of cream or high-fat milk, decorated with crispy bacon and croutons. Sounds delicious, right?

Bread and Butter Pudding

This list would not be complete without a dessert recommendation, right? You’re probably familiar with this dish, where the buttered bread is layered in a pan, topped with currants or other dry fruits. This dish was invented as an option to use close-to-expiration ingredients, and it’s the ideal traditional desert. The egg-custard sauce at the top uplifts the whole dish, giving it a different layer from the outside. Nowadays, there are many variations of this recipe where you can use croissants or buns instead of bread or add marmalade and jam instead of butter. Whatever your preferences are, this bread and butter pudding recipe will definitely comfort everyone.

What’s your favourite traditional British recipe? If you are a fan of this cuisine, let us know and share your culinary experiences.
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