What Qualities Do The Best Bingo Sites Have?

What Qualities Do The Best Bingo Sites Have?
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Online bingo is a relatively new phenomenon and it has particularly gained popularity in the past several years. Up until a decade ago, it wasn’t that common for bingo fans to play bingo online, they usually met at the local bingo hall. However, since the first online bingo sites where launched, a lot of players went online and joined one of the sites. Nowadays there are dozens if not hundreds of bingo sites and many potential players are wondering – ‘What qualities do the best bingo sites have?

Picking a top bingo site may seem to be an easy task, but players can’t always know which site has the sufficient qualities to be considered more relevant and better than its competitors. While it comes down to personal preferences in many cases, there are still several criteria that all bingo sites should meet if they want to be included in the answer of the question ‘What qualities do the best bingo sites have?


A bingo site cannot be even considered to be one of the top bingo sites if it is not licensed. In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission is in charge of licensing and all reliable providers have been licensed by the UKGC. The best way to find out whether a bingo site is licensed by the UKGC is to look for the logo of the Commission on the website, it is usually displayed on the homepage.

All bingo sites that are featured here, on Bingo Scanner have been licensed by the UKGC, so you won’t have to do any additional checks, we did that for you. We would never recommend a site that’s not properly licensed. Read our bingo online reviews and find out everything about the best bingo games.


An issue that’s tightly linked to licensing is security. Well, we can say that the Commission wouldn’t issue a license to a bingo site that’s not completely safe and secure. There are two aspects of bingo security that are valuable to players. Firstly, their personal data should be protected, meaning that no third parties will have access to their address, name, phone number, email and all the other data that they have provided when they registered an account.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, players’ financial information should be secured. Additional security protocols have to be implemented that when a transaction is being processed the information is kept safely. These details are usually encrypted. This means that the standard information is translated into an unintelligible virtual language and then retranslated which ensures that even if a third-party gains access to the data, they still won’t be able to understand it.


Not all bingo sites are made equal and not all of them are equally user-friendly. When a player is logged in to a site they want to be able to access all important features and settings with a single click, or as easily as possible. This matters to players, so user-friendliness is another characteristic that the best bingo sites have.

Mobile Capabilities

A lot of the internet traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, so a lot of players are playing bingo games and slots on their mobile devices. A good bingo site is always mobile-friendly. When you log in to a mobile-friendly site you will see the same site as when you open the site in a desktop browser. All assets, visual and graphic elements that are on site are optimised to match your screen size.

Bingo Games And Rooms

Other things and aspects may matter, but players register on bingo sites because they want to play bingo, so this is why the available bingo games and rooms matter a lot, if not the most. Almost all bingo sites nowadays offer 75-Ball and 90-Ball bingo, but those who wish to be more competitive like to offer more to their players, so they include various unusual varieties, such as 80-Ball and 52-Ball bingo.

At some of the top bingo sites you will also find branded and themed bingo games. These games can be quite refreshing and even if they are based on one of the main bingo variants like 75-Ball or 90-Ball bingo, they usually include some exciting features.
The price of bingo tickets is another issue and most top bingo sites offer all sorts of bingo tickets with prices that may vary from a single penny up to a quid or even more. There are even free tickets, but we will speak about them below.

You can buy bulks of tickets or a single ticket, but bear in mind that the more tickets you buy for a game, the higher your chances of winning will be. Attend different rooms and check which game is most exciting for you. One tip is to look for games where the prize is fixed and try to find a period when there aren’t a lot of visitors, so your chances of winning would be gradually improved.

Slots And Other Casino Games

In addition to bingo rooms and bingo games, quite a lot of bingo sites feature slots and other casino games. Often there’s a separate slots and casino games section on site where you will be able to find some of the latest and most exciting online slots, as well as other games like Blackjack and Roulette. Even though bingo is the primary focus, many bingo players like to play slots and other casino games, either while waiting for their game to begin, or when they want to take a break from playing bingo.

Bonuses & Promotions

Every player wants to get something extra, so bonuses that are offered by online bingo sites come pretty handy to players, especially newly registered players who are offered the best bonus offers, known as welcome bonuses. These bonuses can include bingo tickets, but also free spins and more. In addition to these bonuses there are plenty of other promotions that are offered to all registered players.

If you wish to play bingo online and you’re looking to choose a bingo website, go through Bingo Scanner and select one of our featured sites.



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