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One of the most profound and intelligent bingo sites nowadays is most definitely The Sun Bingo site. The bingo site is based and runs from Alderney, one of the islands in the channel between England and France, and it operates since 2006, which means it has passed the one-decade mark and is now among the casinos which can rely on their experience rather than experimenting and still being lost around like the new casinos nowadays.

Although the island is closer to France, the Sun Bingo is focusing on the UK customers and it belongs to The Sun operating group, which also owns a newspaper as well as a place where all the gamblers can meet and play their favourite games online.

If you want to learn a bit more about The Sun Bonuses and their Free Spins, you are on the right place.



As we mentioned above, The Sun Bingo also has a newspaper running from the start in 2006 and they were all being operated by Tombola, obtained by Gamesys and in 2015 was bought by Playtech which is currently the owned of The Sun Bingo. The good news is that the identity of the bingo remained intact, and Playtech are continuing with their awesome job, exactly where Gamesys stopped.

With more than 90 ball games, online slots that are most definitely some of the favourite among the players and table games that will most definitely catch your eye, you are up for a treat. Some of the latest changes in the casino were:

  • Bingo Multi-Room Option – Now, there is an option to play in more than one bingo room at the same time
  • Bingo Chat Emoticons are now available in The Sun Bingo’s chat
  • 1tg heartbeat sound –  When you get to 1tg you will hear the heartbeat sound to build the excitement.


Design and UI

There are some unique and satisfying moments in The Sun Bingo and the way they work. For starters, the very first thing that you will see once you enter in the casino will be the Bingo Countdown in the Top Left corner. This countdown indicates when the next bingo will start and there is a bingo once every minute! The top of the page is for the logo of the bingo site, with the join now or login options at the top right corner. Just a bit below, like all of the other casinos that we’ve reviewed, and you’ve seen, there is a giant banner with promotions and bonuses that spins the best seven The Sun Bingo bonuses, promotions and things that the site offers.

If you want to see the top games that are currently on the casino site, you can see them by scrolling below the big banner of promotions. There will be top four bingo and slot games, with the featured slot games below. The New, Exciting and Jackpot slot categories are further down on the home page, while the bottom of the page is for the top promotions that are currently on the site. We will talk about the games and the promotions in more details below.

The header on top of the page will help you when you are stuck or can’t find the category you want to play. You can see the Play Bingo, Play Slots, Games, About Bingo, Promotions, Community and Help buttons that will facilitate your way to the lucrative wins and navigate you around the site.

The overall design of the page is a cool one, with everything you need to click being on the home page, within your reach, and with a site map at the bottom of the page that will navigate you to your desired destination easily.


The Sun Bingo Games

There are many games and options that you can play on The Sun Bingo site. Starting from table games, going thru the slots and scratch games, all the way to the instant games. The site focuses on the Bingo lobby and the table games, but there are a lot of slot games as well.

The bingo lobby is easy comprehensive, and you can play new bingo game every minute. Once you enter in the Bingo lobby, things will be clear. This area also gives access to Games, Scratch cards, Session Bingo and the Daily Free Games. Once you opt to play bingo you get even more options. The tabs guide you to All, Exclusive, 90, 75/80, Specials, All Winners, Breakfast Club and Free Bingo.

The slots shouldn’t be neglected as well, as new slots are frequently coming to the site.


The Sun Bingo Promotions and Bonuses

The Sun Bingo offers some of the loveliest promotions and welcome bonuses that you can find on the online gambling market. Since we wrote this review right before Easter, there are Easter promotions that will facilitate your way to the lucrative wins. There is a total of 12 promotions active on the site, with many more being stacked in the back, waiting for the perfect moment to arise.

The welcome bonus is the one that will catch your interest, as the site offers a nice one! Simply make your first £10 deposit and spend it on bingo tickets to get £30 in bonuses. You'll get a £20 Bingo Bonus and a £10 All Games Bonus! Plus get access to 7 days Free Bingo in the Learner Room!

The other promotions that are currently active tend to change on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, therefore you need to see which ones are active and pursue them. There is a “Play Now” button right below the promotion which will help you play and claim them.



With a lovely User Interface, a welcome bonus and promotions that will most definitely facilitate your way to the most lucrative wins, and range of games that you will have trouble choosing from, The Sun Bingo offers a lovely site where you can easily spend your time and expect some massive wins. Best of luck!


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