Bingo Regulators And Licensing Bodies

In order for an online bingo site to work properly, it needs to gain the players’ trust. One of the key features for gaining players’ trust is security. For that reason, bingo sites have to be licenced by appropriate regulators. Let’s review the most trusted gaming authorities that bring security to the bingo sites.

Everyone has heard about bingo or played it at some point in their life, and knows how much fun this game can bring. Nowadays, bingo is present online, and there are hundreds of bingo sites available for playing your favourite games. For that reason, finding quality and secure bingo site can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why, when looking for a secure bingo site to play at, always look if the site is regulated by the proper authorities. 

Bingo Legislation

Playing bingo online means that you’ll have to provide your personal and financial information to the bingo site. This information is highly confidential and has to stay protected. That’s why regulation and licencing of online bingo sites is so important.

All over the world, governments have the responsibility to ensure that all of the gaming operators provide a fair, transparent, and safe gaming environment. In order to ensure that, bingo sites offer gaming services with licences from gaming regulators. These days, a few websites try to offer gaming services without getting a licence. However, such websites are not secure and we won’t recommend playing on them.

Gaming regulators ensure that bingo sites provide secure gaming and help them establish rules which make sure that players always deposit and withdraw funds in a safe environment. The following regulators are considered as the most respected authorities for online gaming. So, when you’ll be looking for the next bingo site to play your favourite games, make sure to check if the site is licenced by some of the below-mentioned regulators.

Online Bingo Regulators and Licensing Bodies

Due to the fact that there are a lot of regulators present in the online gaming world, we will review the most popular and respected ones.

UK Gambling Commission 

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is probably the most respected regulator worldwide, not only in the UK. It’s an executive non-departmental body of the UK Government and is responsible for protecting British players and regulating gambling law in the UK. Indeed, UKGC is responsible for providing gambling licences to the companies that comply with its requirements. A licence from UKGC is always prestigious and has become the most important licence in the world of online gaming.

Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the main regulatory body for all forms of gaming in Malta and is considered as a highly respected regulator worldwide. The main goal of MGA is to set standards for online gambling companies to provide secure gambling environment and protect players. MGA is responsible for issuing licences to online gaming sites that meet its standards. This regulator focuses on the interests of the players and aims to give them a clear insight into which bingo sites are safe and secure for playing. If a bingo site is licenced by MGA, it means that players will receive fair and transparent gaming and protection of their funds there.

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority 

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, together with the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, monitors all gambling companies and provides licences to those that comply with its requirements. It has been said that a licence by this regulator is one of the hardest to get, as the Authority has high standards and strict requirements. Based in Gibraltar, licences from this regulator ensure that a bingo site operates safely and securely and takes care of its players.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) provides licences to online gambling companies that meet its standards. Moreover, this regulator aims to provide a safe and transparent gaming experience to the players. So far, about 60 companies hold gambling licences from AGCC. The main features that AGCC focuses on are fair gaming, the safety of the players, and the integrity of the gambling company. Its purpose is to ensure the highest level of gambling experience to the players.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is one of the oldest gambling regulators in the world that still remains highly respected and relevant. Established in 1962, the Isle of Man Commission is responsible for licencing all gambling companies that are based on the island. Its main goal is to protect the gambling industry from harm, protect players and ensure fair and transparent gambling services. To obtain a licence from the Isle of Man Commission, companies have to have an office base on the island and meet the regulator’s specific requirements. Licences from this regulator are highly respected across the gaming industry.

Swedish Gambling Authority

The Swedish Gambling Authority is responsible for issuing gambling licences in the Swedish gaming and gambling market. In order to receive a licence from the Swedish Gambling Authority, operators have to go through a strict verification process. That’s because this regulator aims to provide players with the tools necessary for maintaining a transparent and balanced gaming market.

Curacao Internet Gambling Association

The Curacao Internet Gambling Association provides licences to gambling companies that run online gambling sites from the island. This regulator strives to protect the Curacao gaming industry, by ensuring that all gaming is conducted transparently, responsibly, and free from harm. Therefore, the regulator is protecting the players and their personal and financial data.

What if the bingo site where I play isn’t licenced by any of these regulators?

In case you’re playing on a bingo site that isn’t licenced by any of the above-mentioned regulators, don’t worry. That site might hold licences from other regulators, as there are more than these mentioned in this page. Make sure to do your research about that site and check the other players’ feedback, in order to learn whether that site is secure or not. Also, if you’re not sure that you want to play on that particular site, you can always find a new one that will fulfil your needs.

Where can I check the licences that a bingo site holds?

Usually, when you access a bingo site where you want to play, you’ll immediately find the licences on the homepage. They are placed at the bottom of the homepage at almost all bingo sites.

Where can I find trusted and licenced online bingo sites?

Right here on Bingo Scanner! We feature only safe and secure bingo sites, licenced by the most respect regulators. Our goal is to provide you with only the best online bingo sites which mean that we only recommend trustworthy sites.