What Kind Of Online Bingo Personality Are You?

Here at Bingo Scanner, we are sharing you these types of personalities that can be found in bingo rooms, to help you find out which one matches you. So take a look and find your bingo personality!

Posted: 28/09/2020

Bingo is a game full of fun and entertainment. No matter if you’re playing bingo in a land-based bingo hall or online, you’ll find your game to be amusing and enjoyable. Bingo has been and is still considered one of the best sociable games. There, people gather together to have fun, communicate with each other, meet new friends, and potentially win some excellent prizes.

Since bingo is so fun game, people of all kinds love to join a round of bingo or two. The easy gameplay of bingo invites people of all ages, locations and languages to join the game with the help of online bingo sites. Therefore, with so many different people being in the same bingo room, it’s obvious to find players (also known as bingo roomies) with different personalities. But, have you ever considered which bingo personality fits you the best? Here at Bingo Scanner, we are sharing you these types of personalities that can be found in bingo rooms, to help you find out which one matches you. So take a look and find your bingo personality!

The Veteran

The Veteran bingo player is someone that has been around in the bingo games for quite a long time. These bingo players are also called professional players and they are always giving other players tips and tricks on how to play the game. If you’re a bingo player who has been playing bingo for years and are so full of advice that you’re considering on becoming a bingo chat host, then you’re the Veteran.

The Newbie

Contrary to the Veteran, the Newbie bingo player is a new player who has just signed up to a bingo site. The Newbie is also known as a novice, beginner, rookie, and noobie. Everyone is a newbie at some point, so don’t worry. Once you get to know the bingo game and its rules, you’ll quickly become some of the other bingo personalities. On the other side, being a newbie doesn’t necessarily mean that you are new to the game. A bingo veteran player will end up being newbie when they sign up at a new bingo site.

The Strategist

Despite the fact that bingo is a game of chance and there is no some concrete strategy on how to win in a bingo game, there is always someone making plans and strategies to get the best odds. These players are known as the Strategists and the have graphs, charts, strategies, and other tools that they think will help them get bigger chances of landing a winning pattern. The Strategist loves to be before the competition and is always ready to jump in a game with the best odds. If you’re a Strategist, it might be great to share your tips and tricks in the chat room, because at the and of the day, bingo is all about having fun with other players.

The Blabbermouth

Are you someone who doesn’t stop talking? Then you’re the Blabbermouth! Also known as the Talker, the Blabbermouth is the bingo player who is way too talkative than they should be. These players are always talking about different topics that aren’t connected to the game. The Blabbermouth is one of the most famous bingo personalities that spices up the bingo atmosphere and ensures that every player is having fun.

The Bragger

The Bragger has some similarities with the Blabbermouth, but they’re still different. While the Blabbermouth talks about anything in the bingo room, the Bragger likes to tell everybody what is going on with them in the game and whether they’ve hit a win. However, this is not a bad thing because a game win is to celebrate, so people can celebrate in any way they want. Bingo chat rooms are supportive places, so if you’re the bingo winner, you can “brag” about it!

The Drifter

If you want to spend your time jumping from one bingo game to another, disappearing then reappearing again, then you’re the Drifter. The Drifter is present in the bingo chat room, makes some comments and then disappears. Then, they will appear in another bingo room and do the same. Generally, the Drifters don’t come to play online bingo mainly for money, they rather come in, take a look, play a game, have fun, and leave.

The Superstitious One

And the last type of bingo personalities is the Superstitious One, the bingo player who is scared that one wrong move would change their good bingo luck. These bingo players love to play bingo but can get scared if they remember something that can interfere with their game. If you’re the Superstitious bingo player, please stop doing that. Bingo is all about having fun and there’s no need for overthinking.

Have you found your bingo personality? What kind of bingo player are you? Let us know!

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