What Is Road Trip Bingo?

Road Trip Bingo, also known as Travel Bingo, is a great way to make your road trips exciting and amusing.

While many people consider driving as a relaxing experience, there are people who not share the same enthusiasm. That’s because there aren’t many things that you can do in a car while travelling. Of course, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to spend your time, but it gets boring after a while. 

As more and more people are finding road trips boring, there are travellers who are starting to get more creative with their journeys. For example, before electronic devices existed, people used to play games for entertainment on long road trips. Playing games can eliminate the boredom of sitting in your car for hours and waiting to get to your destination. 

So, what would be a cool way to have some fun with your travel companions on your road trip? Try playing Road Trip Bingo. Road Trip Bingo, also known as Travel Bingo, is a great way to make your road trips exciting and amusing.

What is Road Trip Bingo?

Road Trip Bingo, just like the title implies, is a type of bingo game that is designed to make the hours in the car pass quickly and enjoyable. A lot of travellers have used road trip bingo to make their road trips more exciting. Road Trip Bingo is a very easy and simple game to play, and it was proven to be useful for those who need a bit of entertainment during their trips. 

The game features symbols that might appear on the road such as a trailer, RV, police car, bridge, billboard, gas station, stop sign, speed limit sign, house, barn, etc. In fact, if you google Road Trip Bingo, you will find numerous different free bingo cards that you can use for playing. The best thing about this type of bingo is that you can play with as many people as you want. However, make sure to not cause much distraction for the driver, drive safely and have fun.

How To Play Road Trip Bingo?

Playing road trip bingo is almost identical to the traditional bingo, except for the driving-themed grid. For that reason, if you know how to play the traditional bingo, you will probably know how to play this one.

Each player gets a bingo card with the same objects but placed in different spaces, which makes their grids different from each other. Of course, the driver doesn’t get a grid - someone has to drive the crew to the destination! 

As we mentioned, the grids are composed of symbols that can be seen on the road. While the driver travels, they will call out the objects they spot. Then, passengers have to find the object on the grid and cross it out by placing an ‘X’ checkmark. When one player crosses out five objects in a row, they win. The crossing can be done vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Make Your Own Road Trip Bingo Cards

As mentioned above, you can find road trip bingo cards online, and there are numerous versions of these cards so you have plenty of options to choose from. However, if you are more adventuristic person who enjoys doing these things on their own, you can make your own road trip bingo cards.

You’re going to need some papers or card stocks on which you can draw your personal grid with objects you want. Moreover, you can print some of the already published designs and use it for your game. You can even design your bingo cards according to the place you’re travelling to and include some unique objects from that particular place.

In Conclusion

For your next trip, instead of spending a boring time while travelling, use Road Trip Bingo to make the trip funnier and happier. Do your research on your destination, list down the activities and places you want to visit, include them in the bingo cards, and enjoy your travel. Have fun and drive safely!

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