International Women’S Day – How Women Power Gaming Growth

This is a man's world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl. As we're about to celebrate International Women's day, we'll take you back in times to see how it all started and why we celebrate this day. Moreover, we'll look at how women shape the future of tech and gaming, being a dominant audience in the online bingo market.

Posted: 05/03/2021

For a few decades, the online gaming industry has lived up to the reputation that it is a “boys-only” area. In general, it was considered as a sector dominated by male developers, gamers, entrepreneurs. Well, the tables have turned, trends have changed, and today, more women are stepping up in roles of creating and shaping the world of gaming.  

Since Women’s day is just around the corner at the time of writing this post, we’re going back in time to find out more about this special day. Is it a celebration, a protest, and how did it all start?

Women’s Day - History and Celebrations 

The International Women’s Day is recognised as an annual event by the United Nations. It all started out of a labour movement in 1908 when 15,000 women marched through New York streets, demanding better salaries and shorter working hours. A year later, the Socialists declared the first National Women’s day. Clara Zetkin imposed the idea to put the idea on a pedestal and make it international. Austria, Denmark and Germany first celebrated International day in 1911, so technically, we’re now celebrating the 110th International Women’s Day.

The 8th of March has become a date to remind us all and celebrate how far women have come in the society and economy. Many themed protests and marches aim to raise awareness about the current challenges and improve women’s status in the community. Feel free to check out some of the virtual conferences and events that will be held worldwide and praise the women in your social circle – not just on this day.

Online Bingo - The Women’s Choice 

The online bingo sector is among those niche markets that have noticed a spectacular growth in numbers. One insight directly related to this rise is related to female players, as bingo seems to be growing in popularity with women. A few of the reasons why women love bingo games are their social, light-hearted nature and because they're different from other casino games. Of course, they’re unique and fun in their design, and as soon as it has grown in online popularity, it has transformed and adapted to the consumers’ demand. Relevant case studies and analysis reveal surprising facts about the online bingo growth among the female population. Namely, around 62% of online bingo players are female, breaking the stereotype about the age gap and game preferences.

The Future of Women in Gaming

Generally, gaming is a dynamic, ever-growing industry. Recent initiatives alongside the general note to offer equal opportunities, rights and working conditions means that women have become more visible in this industry. The online gaming culture has also played a significant role in this. We’re talking about influencers and YouTube streamers that are continually creating powerful, engaging content. Being a woman in gaming is not strange anymore and is even considered a “cool” profession or a hobby.

Another reason for this growth can be linked to the fact that mobile gaming has gained a lot of traction. Bingo games are quite convenient for modern tablets and smartphones since you don’t need additional equipment to play them. You have excellent control over the device, and the platform notifies you if you land a win. These platforms allow you to set the game in the background while focusing on other things, as the numbers are automatically scanned and identified.

Online games and bingo, in general, have gone through many transformations, and the digital transformation is just only the beginning. As virtual and augmented reality are massively adopted throughout different platforms, it will be interesting to explore other games’ variants and compare the latest releases by developers. One thing is sure – new and existing players continue to enjoy online games and bingo, with particular emphasis on women!

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