Good Night, Sleep Tight Phrase Origin And Meaning

Posted: 10/03/2021

When it comes to bingo in the UK, you probably know that it’s considered one of the favourite pastimes there. In the UK, bingo is used as an educational tool, as a party game, and the rise in popularity of online bingo resulted in developing plenty of unique and fun bingo games. Online bingo games are similar to the bingo games played in bingo halls but have some advantages. For example, online bingo has many offers, bonuses and jackpots, and you can meet numerous people in the online chat provided in the bingo rooms. Plus, players use plenty of bingo superstitions to boost their luck when playing online bingo games.

However, apart from Bingo, the United Kingdom is famous for other things, like Big Ben or British tea. And have you ever heard of the phrase “Good night, sleep tight”? It is a very used phrase in many parts of the English-speaking world, especially in the United Kingdom. It is usually used before bedtime, in the form of the rhyme “good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite”. Almost everyone has used this phrase at some point in their life, but do you know where does it come from?

Good night, sleep tight - the full story

There are more theories about the origin of the phrase ‘Good night, sleep tight’, and we’ll go through all of them. There is a story that dates from the days when mattresses were supported by ropes and needed to be pulled tight to provide a well-sprung bed. Then, a presenter in a show laid down on an oak settle to demonstrate the support and said: “Night night, sleep tight”. Here, the part “sleep tight” explains that the ropes are placed tight on the mattress and that you’ll have a great, undisturbed sleep.

In addition, there is another version of this phrase that we mentioned above, which is “good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite”. Some people say that the “don’t let the bedbugs bite” part suggests that the “tight” part refers to the tightness of bedclothes, intended to keep bedbugs away.

Moving on, this phrase was commonly used in the late 20th century, even in songs. For example, one of the most popular British bands, The Beatles, wrote a song in 1968 called “Good Night”, and said:

“Now it's time to say good night,
Good night. Sleep tight”.

Of course, the phrase “good night, sleep tight” here refers to having a good, peaceful sleep. However, “sleep tight” doesn’t come from these examples, because it is actually a very old expression. The first citation that we were able to find dates from 1866, in the book “Through Some Eventful Years”. There, Susan Bradford Eppes wrote: "All is ready and we leave as soon as breakfast is over. Goodbye, little Diary. ‘Sleep tight and wake bright,’ for I will need you when I return".

This shows us that “sleep tight” definitely means to sleep well, which leads us to the most accepted explanation for this phrase. Despite the fact that the word “tight” is not usually used in this way, in this phrase it means “well, soundly, peaceful, properly”, etc.

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