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When it comes to the UK, bingo has become increasingly popular across the country and there are more and more online bingo sites being launched each month. In fact, it has been estimated that people in the UK spend more money on bingo tickets than on football! So, how did bingo become so popular in the UK and why Brits love it so much? Let’s find out.

Posted: 14/09/2020

It seems like everyone is talking about bingo these days. There is probably no person on the planet who has not heard of bingo. Bingo has gained its popularity due to the fun and exciting nature that it has. From bingo halls to online bingo, there are many types of this popular game for every player’s preferences. Bingo is considered one of the most popular forms of entertainment for the people, and it gives them the opportunity to hang out with friends and meet new ones.

When it comes to the UK, bingo has become increasingly popular across the country and there are more and more bingo halls and online bingo sites being opened each month. In fact, it has been estimated that people in the UK spend more money on bingo tickets than on football! So, how did bingo become so popular in the UK and why Brits love it so much? Let’s find out.

When did bingo come to the UK?

The origins of bingo start in Italy way back in 1530. Then, bingo appeared in the form of a national lottery called “Lo Giuoco Lotto Italia”. The most interesting fact is that bingo still runs every Saturday in Italy. 

The 1530s Saturday Night Lotto was very similar to the popular 90-ball bingo that people play today. Players had cards with rows and numbers, and winning numbers were pulled from a sack. Players had to match the numbers and that’s how the winners were revealed. People started to really enjoy this game due to the entertainment it brings. By the late 1770s, bingo has become so popular that it crossed borders and spread to other countries, including the UK.

It is not very clear on how bingo came in the UK, but it is known that bingo made its way to Britain through France. It is believed that bingo came in the UK in the 18th century and was widely playing around British towns and cities before moving into other countries. The British people also called this game “Beano” until the name “Bingo” started to expand.

Bingo became very popular in Britain quickly after it was introduced in the country. People started opening bingo halls to play and bingo became a great way for people to socialise and have fun. Every town in the UK had a large bingo hall where drinks were served apart from the game. People were able to meet and catch-up, but they were pretty quiet when the caller announced the winning numbers. Up until 2005, there were over 600 bingo halls in the UK.

Bingo halls

When bingo came in the UK, the most played type of bingo was the 90-ball bingo, and it still is. Before the First World War, bingo was played mainly for fun or as a fundraising activity. But, in 1960, the Betting and Gaming Act made bingo as a legalised form of gambling. This led to opening the first bingo halls in the UK, with Mecca Bingo seeing over 150,000 players a day visiting its halls.

The following years were excellent for bingo, and the UK bingo club membership has reached 14 million players. By the mid-1980s, there were more than 1500 bingo halls across the UK. In 1988, the first bingo halls out of towns appeared, which gave players more facilities, easier access and more parking spaces.

In 1994, the National Lottery was launched, which probably contributed to the closure of a number of bingo halls across the UK. A decade later, the UK Government introduced smoking bans which led to bingo halls decline, as it’s estimated that half of the players that were attending bingo halls smoked during the game. The recent statistics show that there are over 600 licenced bingo halls, down by almost two-thirds over the last 30 years.

However, it doesn’t mean that bingo lost its popularity. With the revolution of the Internet, we were introduced to online bingo. Today, the number of UK online bingo sites is enormous!

Online bingo

Online bingo is the game of bingo that is played online, on bingo sites. With more and more people being present online these days, online bingo is the best way to enjoy this exciting game from the comfort of your own home. Online bingo is another factor that led to a decrease in bingo halls. Instead of going to land-based bingo venues, players are now able to play bingo at any time, from anywhere they want.

Online bingo has a lot of advantages. For example, you won’t need to spend money to travel to bingo halls, because you can play from your home. Plus, most of the online bingo sites are optimised to work on any desktop and mobile devices and there are bingo games available 24/7. It all depends on you how and when are you going to play bingo. Finally, the online bingo community is even bigger than the community in bingo halls, as you can meet people from all over the world.

When it comes to the online bingo in the UK, 90-ball bingo is the game that Brits play the most. The UK version of bingo uses 90 balls, numbered from one to 90, and the bingo cards are arranged into nine columns and three rows. Each row contains five numbers and four empty spaces. To play 90-ball bingo, you have to purchase at least one bingo ticket. However, to increase the chances of winning, players usually purchase a full strip, that is six bingo tickets.

Each 90-ball bingo game has three levels of a win per ticket - one line, two lines, and three lines. A three-line win on the same ticket is called House. In this game, it is possible for two or more players to share the winning numbers, so the prize will be divided by the number of winners. The prize that can be won in a 90-ball bingo game depends on the number of players that are playing. In line with the 90-ball bingo, bingo callers often use bingo calls, alternative slang terms for the different numbers.

UK bingo players

There are thousands of online bingo players all over the world, most of whom come from the UK. When asked, players told that the main reason they play online bingo is because they find it exciting and fun. Most of the online bingo players said that they enjoy the thrill of playing, especially after winning. Some of the players said that they play online bingo because they want to stay relaxed during stressful times.

What’s more interesting is that the majority of the players don’t play online bingo in order to win money. 90% of the players spend less than 100 pounds per month on bingo. They said that they play online bingo because they enjoy the fun and excitement of the bingo win and the bingo community.

Start playing online bingo today

Online bingo in the UK has become so popular that each week there are more and more UK bingo sites launched online. With so many bingo sites present online, it can be hard deciding where to play and which bingo site has the best offers. Luckily for you, here at Bingo Scanner, you can find the most popular and trustworthy UK bingo sites that offer many generous promotions. So let’s get started!

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