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Worms Free Play

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Slots have changed in the past few years, and to be quite honest, they have changed a lot. Just compare any new game, or even one released a couple of years ago to a slot from 15 or 20 years ago, and you’ll notice how everything is different. Modern online slots have changed, and the audience has changed as well. Regular slot players expect different things, they want games that are refined both in terms of graphics and gameplay, they want games that resemble conventional video games, games that tell a story. Slot fans nowadays know what they are looking for, but they often can’t decide which game they want to play, as there are hundreds.

There are hundreds of video games and if you are unsure which to buy, you can always check out the demo version first. Same goes with slots, so for instance if you try out Worms free play, you’ll know whether you want to play Worms slots with real money. By the way, speaking of Worms, this is an online slot that’s based on a video game and just proves our earlier point that slots and conventional video games are very much alike. You can also check our Worms slot review and read everything about this exciting game.  


If you have ever played any variant of Worms, the slot version of the game will look awfully familiar to you. But even if you have never played Worms Armageddon or any of the later releases, you will find Worms slots particularly straightforward, especially if you check Worms free play first. There’s one thing that differentiates the free play or the demo version of the Worms slot from the demo variants of the Worms video games.

Namely, every demo version of a conventional video game has some limits. Usually, not all features that are available in the full version are offered in the demo. When it comes to slot demo versions, like Worms free play, they look just like the real money version of the respective game.

How Worms Free Play Works

So, when you play Worms in free play you will have access to all options and all game features that are available to those who play with real money. You could activate the bonus features if you get the relevant symbols on the reels, and you can even adjust the wagering level, even though you aren’t playing with real money.

If that sounds complicated or confusing, it’s not. Basically, in demo mode you get virtual funds that can be wagered just like real funds. You can experiment with your virtual funds in Worms free play, increase and decrease your wager as you wish. This will enable you to set realistic expectations and know how the game works, so that you’ll be ready when you decide to play with real money.

Even if you don’t want to play with real money at all, you would still have quite a bit of fun.  On the other hand, if you’re ready to play with real money, just register at one of the bingo or slots sites featured on Bingo Scanner, claim your bonus and play today!


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