Slot Blox Slot


Slot Blox Slot

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Outdated Design

Ash Gaming decided to develop a unique game unlike any other out there on the market, and guess what? They did it! Slot Blox is an online video slot game with a theme familiar to all of us! Check the Tetris video slot game on one of our sites and experience the nostalgic feeling, teleporting you to the kids’ days. Tetris was probably one of the first games that you have played, so why not give this video slot game a chance to reward you with lucrative wins and entertaining, unusual, yet familiar time.

The online slot game offers a unique experience, and it’s probably one of the few slot games where you are not playing with reels and paylines, but instead of that, you are being part of playing a slot game like no other out there. When it connects to a slot game, the only thing that’s identical is the preparation for the gameplay and the rewards in the same. Want to learn some more and get to know the slot game better? Stick around.

Slot Blox Slot

Since there are no turning reels and landing symbols on the same in this so-called slot game, there has to be something else and some other way to win the prizes right? Let’s see the outlook of the slot and the elements you are playing with before we proceed with further explanation.


The design of Slot Blox may bring you a nostalgic feeling as soon as you open it. You will see the same pattern used in the Tetris game that you probably played in your childhood. The screen is divided into two equal, left and right parts, where on the left side we can see the logo of the game as well as the payouts and how they function. The right side is the play screen where you need to put the Tetris symbols in the right position, and right next to that, you will see the free plays and your features and options that Slot Blox.


The symbols are unlike any other slot game that you will come across, as the whole gameplay is different. You can see from the picture above that the symbols are created of blocks of boxes, which is where the Blox name comes from. They create several different symbols using three to five boxes in different shapes, but always the same colour for the same symbol.

There are some harder ones and some easier ones, but they don’t have a value like I the slot games, and they all count the same, as you are getting paid whenever you complete a line from the left to the right edge.

How to Play Slot Blox Slot

For the ones that remember, Slot Blox should be a pretty straightforward game. Just like every other video slot game, you need to set the bet value before you click the play button. However, there is a big difference – you are not landing symbols on reels just like the other slot games.

The game works with the blocks falling from the top vertically down, and as soon as a line is complete without holes in it, it will disappear. This will be repeated until there is no more space for the new blocks to fall. There is no contribution from the player, as all the movements are done by the machine – the players only control to move the Blox left or right, and spin it in any desired direction, meaning all of the four sides of the symbol can be faced down, or faced up, depending on the player and the desire of the game.

One win grants a reward, as expected, but the more lines disappear at once, the greater the reward will be. The prices are doubled for two lines disappearing at one, tripled for three and quadruple for four.

To see the winnings, your stake, or any other information just look at the right panel of the game. On the left side of the screen, you can see the progression of your winnings divided into a number of lines that you clear at the same time. This gives you a little competition and a track of your winnings.

There is also an Auto Play which allows you to sit back and enjoy while the game entertains you and fills your pocket. Be careful with this feature, as an automated version of a game that you manually need to control can’t always give you a positive result.

A new option that can’t be found in the other slot games in the Slow-Motion option, causing the blocks to fall slowly from the sky, giving you a lot more time to adapt and think of the position of the Blox.

Slot Blox Bonus Features

The game, despite the fact that it doesn’t relate to an ordinary slot game, possesses one bonus feature that will most definitely facilitate your way to the most lucrative wins you can find in it, so check it out below.

Bonus Blox

As we’ve already mentioned, there is a lovely bonus feature in Slot Blox slot. Slot Blox makes use of a bonus symbol, the Magic Block symbol. This symbol is the key to the Free Spins feature which is activated when one or more rows are completed featuring a Magic Block. When this happens, you’ll be awarded 10 Free drops, with a lot of rewards during the same. Once the current round is finished, the game will automatically enter the Free Plays mode, and you can notice it from the background of the game which will change to “10 Free Drops”.

The best thing is that you will double everything that you win during this feature before it’s added to your stake!

Slot Blox Concluding Remarks

Slot Blox is a pretty unique game and it provides unusual gameplay and design. For some people that might be boring, but there are people who enjoy playing such games. If you are one of them, make sure to try this game and enjoy its exciting and unique gameplay.

Choose a casino, deposit to be eligible for the welcome bonus, and make the best use of the game! Best of Luck!

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