Fortune of the Gods

Fortune of the Gods

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Fortune of the Gods Slot Game

Play Fortune of the Gods slot and win the God’s eight bonus features that grant incredible multipliers and free spins. This five-reel, 243 payline game has been made to please both the gods and the players. 

Fortune of the Gods Slot Overview 

Are the gods fortunate because they are gods, or are they gods because they have been fortunate? Whoever answers this philosophical question can claim any of the many promotions and welcome packages on Bingo Scanner and go on to play Fortune of the Gods slot. This game was developed by Ash Gaming, which are part of the gaming industry giants, Playtech. So you can expect that whatever Playtech makes, by way of Ash gaming, is going to deliver a superb gambling entertainment experience. The Fortune of the Gods slot has five reels, three rows and 243 paylines. The theme of this slot machine are the mythical gods of the ancient world, which have coalesced to create the pantheon where the players can come to play for a cash prize. 

Besides the splendid graphics and 243 paylines, the Fortune of the Gods slot contains several bonus features that deliver an extra flare in the gameplay. Check out our Fortune of the Gods review and find out what makes this game hot and where you can play it.

Fortune of the Gods Design

As the title reveals, the theme of this online slot are the ancient entities with supernatural abilities that may or may not embody an anthropomorphic mass. Some of the gods come in the shape of a cloud or a body of water, but our gods in Fortune of the Gods slot are all human-like and embody human kindness and generosity. The reel set features a paradise-like plain on a sunset, which sends golden rays rolling down the lush meadows. Above are ominous clouds, as if to remind us that the gods are neither good nor bad, that they simply are. The Fortune of the Gods slot logotype. The centrally-placed reelset has a level of translucency that lets in the details of an object that appears to be a gate that may or may not lead to the kingdom in heaven. 

The low-paying symbols are card numbers of letters that include nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. The high-paying symbols are symbols that you would find on ancient temples and in the pyramids and these include the pyramid eye, the parthenon, the egyptian cross and other symbols filled with meaning and power. One of the symbols is the Bonus, which generates the Fortune of the Gods bonus features. We will let you know more about these as we go through the review.  

How to Play Fortune of the Gods Slot

Setting up to play is easy and takes just few clicks on the mouse or taps on the screen. The Total Bet field determines the amount that is placed as a total bet per spin. The betting amounts range from 30 pennies to £150 per spin, which leaves a nice range to select from. Unlike in other slots machines, this is the only setting that pertains to the gameplay, simply because all of the 243 paylines are already active. That being said, the winnings that occur are automatically counted across all the active paylines. Another setting that is available is one of convenience. That is the Autospin which can be turned on by selecting the how many times the reels should spin from a predetermined set of numbers. Other than this, the Paytable button brings out the table with information about the symbols, their worth, the specialty symbols and the bonus features. And finally, the Spin button is what you need to set the reels in motion and let the gods know that you are coming after what is rightfully yours. 

How to Win Fortune of the Gods Slots

To win this game the player needs to pack extra luck for the day because the gods are not pleased when players want to simply win and not have any fun while they are at it. The jest aside, this game does receive every and all, and to demonstrate its willingness it stretches the chances for a good winning combinaton by allowing bonus rounds that bear the names of several gods. The Fortune of the Gods bonus features come as a result of the Parthenon symbol, which is the scatter. Landing three symbols starts the initial bonus game and then scoring additional rounds brings on another bonus game.

Hermes Free Spins

This game starts when three bonus symbols appear on the reels. This feature lets you choose how many free spins are going to unfold and how big of a multiplier is attached to each one. The gods have balanced this game out just like they tried to balance the world, so for ten spins you get a x5 multiplier, for 15 you get x3 and for 20 free spins your winnings are multiplied by x2.

Venus Free Spins

Pick one of the clams that appear on the screen and get up to nine free spins. Landing additional Pantheon bonus symbols brings extra spins.

Woden Free Spins

Take the game on a 15 spin round when you reach the third level of the God's bonus feature. This time around, the reel set will explode to a 5x4 and the paylines go up in number - immensely - to 3125. 

There are many more Gods who are eager to grant you bonus plays and this makes Fortune of the Gods slots all the more exciting when Inti, Cai Shen, Fortuna, Aphrodite and Zeus take matters in their own hands. They like you. They most likely do like you, otherwise you wouldn't be in front of their playfield, tampering with their will, trying to influence whether they will reveal the grand hall of gold or not. It is up to you to find out, so we invite you to get through all the Fortune of the God slot bonus features. 

Concluding Remarks

Everything's in place for a miracle to occur. Welcome to the Fortune of the Gods slots. Take your pick from any of our casinos right on this page and claim your favorite Welcome Package which includes free spins. 


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