Bonanza Slot Review


Bonanza Slot Review

117,649 ways to win

Flexible wagering limits

Great free spins bonus


Lower jackpot prizes

Bonanza slot is a rather quirky and unique online slot produced by Big Time Gaming. This game doesn’t feature a fixed layout, so both the number of symbols that appear on the reels in each spin and the number of active paylines may vary. There are six reels and the minimum stake is 20p.

Bonanza Overview

As the name suggests, this game is all about ore and precious stone mining. The goal is to separate the useless stones from the precious ones. The most interesting thing about this game is the fact that you can get from two up to seven symbols across a reel and as a result, the number of winning combinations may vary with a maximum of 117,649 ways to win if there are seven symbols on each of the six reels.

The reels are set on a quarry and you will notice four carts above the reels and a mining house on the left. The reels spin as if there’s a rockslide and when a winning combination is formed, the symbols vanish causing the reels to re-spin, thus giving you a chance of a subsequent win.

There are 10 standard symbols in Bonanza slot, plus special symbols. The standard symbols include six card symbols, starting from 9 up to Ace. In addition to the card symbols, there are also four precious stones which activate the highest payouts in this game.

How To Play Bonanza Slot

As the number of paylines isn’t pre-set in Bonanza slot, there are no coins and the stake isn’t calculated per payline but as a whole. You can play with a minimum of 20p and the maximum wager is £500. Once you choose the amount you wish to wager you just need to click on the green ‘Play’ button to activate the reels.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to click each time there’s an ‘Autospin’ button which activates an options panel where you can select how many spins you wish to set the game to, the maximum loss limit and the limit per single win. If you activate the second and the third option, the automatic spins will stop as soon as the selected limit is met.

The number of possible paylines, depending on how the symbols are arranged, will show just above the four carts. The visual and the sound effects match the theme and the overall atmosphere, and Bonanza slot has that video game feel, which makes it even more appealing, especially visually and in terms of gameplay.

How To Win Bonanza Slot

Just as the stake isn’t calculated per payline, the winnings aren’t either. Instead, the winning quote is multiplied by the stake amount, so for example if the winning quote is 15 and you have wagered £2, your win will amount to £30.

The winning combinations can only be formed if the symbols are aligned left to right and you will need at least three symbols for a win unless the winning symbol in question is the most valuable stone, in which case two symbols can also activate a win. Three 9s across a payline activate a 0.1 payout, whereas with four symbols you will get a payment 0.2 times your stake. Card-symbol payouts don’t exceed 1.75 times your stake and to win that much you’ll need either six Aces or six Kings.

It is possible to win a big sum of money in Bonanza slot, that is if you manage to get a six-symbol combination of the same precious stone on the reels. Precious stones pay a lot more than cards, especially the two most valuable symbols, the red ruby pays 7.5 times your stake for a combination of six symbols, whereas a combination of six purple amethyst stones will activate a win 50 times your stake. If you wager an amount of £500, then the maximum price would be £25,000 – a rather impressive sum.

Bonus Features

Bonanza slot offers a few very exciting bonus features. Firstly, after every win, you get a chance for another one if the winning symbols are replaced by new symbols which will also create a new winning combination.

Then, there are the carts, which add a symbol to their respective reel. There’s a cart over the second, third, fourth and the fifth reel.

The scatter symbol are the letters that form the word ‘Gold’ – G, O, L and D. The Wild symbol is dynamite with the word ‘Wild’ written over it and it can replace every symbol that appears on the reels, except for the scatter.

Free Spins

If you get the four scatter symbols, the Free Spins bonus will be activated. Standardly, 12 free spins are awarded, but you get five additional spins for every extra scatter symbol.

In Bonanza slot, you get a win multiplier during the Free Spins bonus. What’s better is that there’s no limit on the multiplier bonus, it increases after every win. It starts at x1 and it is increased by 1 after every successive win. So, if you record 4 consecutive wins, your next win will be multiplied by 5.

During Free Spins there’s a Free Spin scatter symbol which can show up only in a cart. If you get three scatters, an additional 5 free spins will be activated, whereas if you’re lucky enough to hit 10 such scatter symbols, extra 10 free spins will be activated.

Bonanza Demo

This version of Bonanza is, in fact, the same game with all of the features, and unlimited amounts of gambling entertainment. But if you are drawn to the Bonanza slot you may as well play for real. Who would want to miss out on all the winning combos? While the Bonanza Demo lets you try the game and all of its features, across all paylines, it doesn't pay you anything. The full experience is available on any one of our casinos, so feel welcome to pick up any of the Welcome Packages that we have right on this page and play Bonanza slots for real money. 

Bonanza RTP

RTP is an abbreviation for Return to Player, which means the amount of money that is being returned to the players by the game. The percentage in the online video slots average is 95%, while Bonanza Slot RTP is on an amazing 96%, meaning the game keeps only 4% of all the money that all the players from all around the world deposit, and brings back the rest of the ash.

The RTP is an interesting parameter set by the developing company, or Big Time Gaming in this case, which always has to meet with the number of the RTP. The number evens up after a longer period of time, like a certain number of spins (10,000 to 100,000) or a time period (1 year or so), previously determined by the company.

There are plenty of misconceptions about the RTP and how it functions, with many players stating it’s a false number, which can’t be the case because of the rules and regulations of the licence givers, or another one that states it evens up for every player, which can’t be the case as every player will lose money that way. 

Bingo Sites With Bonanza

All bingo sites on our list are well-rounded bingo sites which provide various options for players of all kinds of online casino games. All of them offer such gaming options as slots, video slots, table games, live casino, and more. Each new customer at these bingo sites is greeted with an excellent welcome bonus consisting of various combinations of free spins, deposit bonuses, or free roulette chips to give them a more enjoyable stay and a chance of landing some win.

To help you find Bonanza video slot slots easier, check out the following list of bingo sites with Bonanza video slot:

Mecca Bingo

Formerly known as Top Rank, Mecca Bingo is UK-based company and operator of many bingo clubs all over the UK. It is owned by The Rank Group, which operates casinos, bingos, and online gaming industries in Spain, Belgium, and the UK. Mecca Bingo was given the award ‘Bingo Operator of the Year’ three years in a row - in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Kitty Bingo

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Gala Bingo

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Our Bonanza Review

Bonanza slot is a very dynamic game which offers fast-paced action, loads of winning combinations and interesting bonus features. If you like stones, precious gems, mining and uniquely designed games, then Bonanza slot is undoubtedly a game that you will enjoy.

With an RTP of 96%, Bonanza slot is a favourable game for any player. Don’t let the low winning quotes fool you, remember that the winning amount is to be multiplied with your total stake, so the higher your wager, the more you could win.

If you like slots that look more like video games and you appreciate unmatched features, then head to one of our casinos and try your luck. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a right bonanza.

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