What Is Slingo And How To Play It?

Have you heard about Slingo? This fun game has grown so much in popularity in the past few years. If you love bingo and slots, you're going to love Slingo too. Continue reading and find out how to play this excellent game!

Posted: 13/08/2020

If you love bingo and slot games, you’re going to love Slingo too. If you cannot decide which game to play, Slingo is the best choice for you. But what is Slingo? Continue reading below where we explain to you everything you need to know about this interesting game. This fun combination of bingo and slot games can be found on many bingo sites featured at Bingo Scanner, so make sure to check them and make your pick!

What is Slingo?

As you might know, Slingo is a game that is a combination of 75-ball bingo and a five-reel slot. In Slingo, you play on a 5x5 grid which reminds of a bingo card, and there are reels below the grid. Originally, Slingo was played just for fun, but it became so popular that there have been released plenty of real-money Slingo games. Slingo games are fun, exciting, easy to play, and ideal for bingo and slot fans.

Unlike bingo and slots, Slingo is a relatively new game and was introduced in 2015 by Gaming Realms. In Slingo, you don’t have a bingo caller that is calling out the winning numbers, but instead, the numbers are given to you by the reels. You have to spin the reels and they will reveal five numbers or symbols.

How to play Slingo

If you have ever played bingo or slot games, you’ll know how to play Slingo very easily. Slingo is a simple game to play so you don’t need to have some special skills or strategies in order to play it. When you open a Slingo game, you’ll get a pre-determined number of spins on the reels and you’ll have to match up as many numbers or symbols as possible with those on your ticket. All you need to do when playing Slingo is to spin the reels by pressing the start button which is usually positioned at the bottom right corner of the screen. 

There can be up to 20 spins on one Slingo game, so if you’re lucky, you’ll win a great prize. Once you’ve reached the end of your spins, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase more. When you play Slingo as a single player, you are given a pre-set score that you have to beat. On the other hand, when you play Slingo with other players, you’ll be competing against them to see who will get the highest score.

How is Slingo different from bingo and slots?

It’s already clear that Slingo includes features from both bingo and slots, but there are a few differences that you have to know before you play Slingo.

First of all, the biggest difference is the look of the game, in the amount of reel space that is available to the players. There is much less reel space in Slingo when we compare it to a slot game. Since Slingo looks more like a bingo ticket, you’ll only see one symbol on each reel after a spin, while you can see three or more on a typical slot game.

Another notable difference is that Slingo has symbols on the bingo card. As you know, bingo tickets have only numbers on them, while at Slingo, some of the most popular slot symbols are included in the tickets. For that reason, you’ll see free spins, jokers, gold coins, and more on your bingo ticket when you play Slingo.

And finally, the last important difference between Slingo and slots and bingo games is that Slingo can be a single-player game like a slot or a multiplayer game like bingo. Slingo has the highest flexibility when it comes to the number of active players. When you choose to play Slingo in a multiplayer mode, you’ll play in rooms that are similar to bingo, with chat hosts and other players.

Slingo Games

Since Slingo has grown in popularity in recent years and more and more players are turning to play this interesting game, there have been new Slingo games released online. There are versions of Slingo with additional features, bonus rounds, jackpots, and more. For example, we have Slingo Extreme, Slingo Riches, Slingo Adventure, and more. Moreover, there are many themed Slingo games available to play, which are based on some popular shows. These include Love Island Slingo, The X Factor Slingo, and Deal or No Deal Slingo. Plus, there are a couple of Slingo games based on popular online slots like Rainbow Riches. All in all, there is a huge selection of Slingo games so you can find something for your taste!

Slingo Symbols

As mentioned above, Slingo has some special symbols, despite it looks like a bingo game. If you land some of these symbols on the reels, you’ll get the opportunity to unlock special features. Each Slingo game is unique and different in its own way, but there are some symbols that are usually included in all of them. They can be:

  • Jokers - the wild cards in Slingo;
  • Coins - they give extra points and trigger free spins;
  • Devils - a not so great symbols that will cut your score in half;
  • Free Spin - they give you an extra spin on the reels;
  • Cherubs - they cancel out the Devils.

Now that you’ve learnt more about this entertaining game, you might want to try playing some round of Slingo. Here at Bingo Scanner, we feature the most popular and trusted bingo sites, some of which offer Slingo games. Make sure to check the recommended sites, make your choice and enjoy your next Slingo adventure!

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