What Are Bingo Jackpots?

Bingo jackpots add extra spice to the game, giving players the chance to walk away with bigger prizes. Want to learn more about bingo jackpots? Stick with us while we explain the most common types of bingo jackpots that can be found at the best online bingo sites.

As much as we love the social aspect of playing online bingo, we can all agree that it can be very exciting to win some prize from time to time. Bingo is a game of chance where people gather together to have fun and play. In online bingo games, there are different bingo jackpots that can be won. Bingo jackpots add extra spice to the game, giving players the chance to walk away with bigger prizes. Want to learn more about bingo jackpots? Stick with us while we explain the most common types of bingo jackpots that can be found at the best online bingo sites.

Bingo Jackpots

Bingo jackpots are prizes that bingo sites reward during the bingo games, besides the regular prizes that come from landing winning patterns. When you think about bingo, you think about gatherings of people, an energetic atmosphere and great prizes. The online bingo community is much bigger than the community in the local bingo halls and allows you to meet people all over the world. 

However, one of the most obvious reasons for which people enjoy bingo are the jackpots. Bingo Jackpots give players the opportunity to win even bigger prizes. Since more people can gather together and play online bingo, the potential prizes you can win are much greater.

Types of bingo jackpots

Just like we have different types of online bingo games, there are also different types of bingo jackpots that you can play and win. The size of a typical bingo jackpot depends on the amount of money that is wagered. So let’s go through the most popular types of bingo jackpots that can be found at the best online bingo sites.

Progressive Jackpot

If you’ve ever played online bingo before, you might have heard about a progressive jackpot. It’s probably the most popular type of bingo jackpots. A progressive jackpot is a prize that keeps growing from game to game until some player wins it. It’s like a lottery. The Jackpot starts with a base amount provided by the site, and it grows as more people purchase bingo cards. Its amount will be displayed on the bingo game screen. When somebody wins it, the amount of the jackpot will be reset.

Guaranteed Jackpot

This is another common type of jackpot found at online bingo sites. Also known as a Fixed Jackpot, the guaranteed jackpot offers a fixed price, no matter the number of players or the value of the bingo cards. The amount of this type of jackpot is stated at the beginning of the game, and it doesn’t change. Also, a Guaranteed Jackpot prize can come in the form of an actual gift such as TV, computer, phone, etc.

Wager Jackpot

Wager Jackpot is a typical bingo jackpot where the payout is determined according to the cost per bingo card and the number of bingo cards purchased to the game. This means that the higher the bingo card value and the more bingo cards purchased by players, the higher is the amount of the Wager Jackpot. This type of bingo jackpot can be found in 75-Ball, 90-Ball, and 5 Line Bingo.

Sliding Jackpot

This type of jackpot is the exact opposite of the progressive jackpot. A sliding jackpot will get lower in value from game to game until someone wins it. It starts with a particular amount set by the house, and it decreases as the games go by. For that reason, make sure to win a Sliding Jackpot as early as possible, it will give you the opportunity to win more money from it.

Prize Jackpot

This is such an interesting type of bingo jackpot because it comes in the form of a physical prize, such as a car, weekend getaway, computer, and much more. The Prize Jackpot gives you the chance to win something material rather than money. So, if you are interested in winning some other prize except for money, make sure to check the Prize Jackpot games and jump in them.

How to join a bingo game with jackpot?

Joining a bingo jackpot game is a very easy and simple process. First of all, you have to find an online bingo site where you want to play. Once you’re in, register an account if you haven’t done it already. Then, feel free to search the bingo jackpot games that are available on the site and purchase tickets for the one that suits you the most.

Please note that all bingo jackpots have special terms and conditions you must comply with. So, no matter what bingo site you choose to play at, don’t forget to read its terms and conditions, as well as its wagering requirements. This is necessary for every player, and it is advisable to read these requirements before playing.

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