What Are Bingo Chat Games?

You might think that bingo is the only game played on the bingo sites. However, that is wrong. At most of the bingo sites, there are some extra games that take place in the bingo chat rooms during or between the bingo games. These games are called bingo chat games and are very popular among the players. Bingo chat games give you the opportunity to chat with the other players, have fun and be part of a bingo community.

Posted: 31/08/2020

What is a Bingo Chat Game?

As the name suggests, a bingo chat game is a game played in the bingo chat rooms. This type of game is played during or between the standard bingo games. A bingo chat game contains almost the same features of the bingo games that are played in bingo halls. Bingo chat games allow you to meet new friends and bingo lovers, also known as “roomies”. You can even choose to chat with some of the players in a private chat. During the bingo chat games, players can type to each other, tell jokes, and have a lot of fun.

In a bingo chat game, there is a chat host who moderates and entertains the players, as well as a bingo caller who calls out the winning numbers. And, as we said, the people who take part in bingo chat games are called roomies. To play a bingo chat game, you have to keep the bingo chat room open and keep our eye out for the chat host. The chat hosts are the ones who announce when and what type of bingo chat game they’re hosting. There are different types of bingo chat games, for which we’ll talk more below, and all of them have specific rules. But, don’t worry - the rules are so simple and easy to follow so you’ll immediately learn how to play it!

Unline the standard bingo games, there isn’t a fixed schedule for when the bingo chat games will start. There are some bingo sites that run bingo chat games during the day or the night. On others, you might be able to take part in a bingo chat game only at peak times. Most of the bingo chat games are free of charge, and that’s why they can be very crowded. However, there are also some bingo chat games that require you to pay to take part in, but the prizes are minimal and suitable for every player.

Types of Bingo Chat Games

Just like we have different types of bingo games available at the online bingo sites, there are different types of bingo chat games that you can join as well. The types of bingo chat games are different from site to site, but there are some basic types that you can find at almost all bingo sites. Here are the most popular ones.

Buddy Chat Games

The buddy bingo chat game requires you to pair up with another bingo player (bingo roomy) from your chat room. The most popular versions of buddies bingo chat games include:

  • Up-Down Buddies: Players who are above or below the bingo winner in chat win a prize;
  • Birthday Buddies: Players who share the winner’s birthday win a prize;
  • Alphabet Buddies: Players whose usernames begin with the same letter as the winner win a prize.

Trivia Chat Games

Trivia bingo chat games are mini-quizzes led by the bingo chat host. During these games, players are challenged by the host to answer some common questions. These games are very fast-paced and you should answer as soon as possible to increase your chance to win. Trivia bingo chat games can be based on different themes and categories, so here is a list of the most popular types of trivia chat games.

  • Karaoke Trivia: The chat host will post the lyrics of a song and players should complete it;
  • Celebrity Trivia: The chat host will post a half picture of a celebrity or a celebrity couple and players should name them in order to win;
  • TV Trivia: The chat host will post a character’s name and players should name the TV show they belong to;
  • Invention Trivia: The chat host will mention some items that were invented during the same era and players should guess which invention came first.

Themed Chat Games

Just like the trivia bingo chat games, the themed chat games are like quizzes that are seasonal or are based on popular events such as sports events. Here are some of the most common themed bingo chat games that you can find on the bingo sites.

  • Football Themed Games: The chat host will ask players questions about some major events such as the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup and the player who answer first will win;
  • Seasonal Themed Games: The chat host will ask questions about the current season of the year, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas;
  • Film Themed Games: The chat host will ask questions about a new film that is released, and whoever answers first will win.

Numbers Chat Games

This type of bingo chat games is based on the traditional bingo games that are played with numbers. The number bingo chat games are very similar to bingo, except that they’re played with fewer numbers to make it more exciting for the players. Here are some examples of numbers chat games.

  • First Ball Out: Players have to predict which ball will be called out first;
  • Last Ball Out: Players have to predict which ball will be called out last;
  • Birthday: Players must provide their birthday dates at the beginning of the game, and if these numbers are called out, the winner must type ‘Birthday’ in the chat room in order to win;
  • Eggs Up: Players have to guess a pre-selected number that ends with zero.

Why Should You Play Bingo Chat Games?

As you can see, bingo chat games are great and enjoyed by hundreds of bingo players. Also, there are so many different types of bingo chat games that you can choose from and have fun. The main reason why should you try playing some bingo chat game is that these games give you the opportunity to chat with players, meet friends and have a lot of fun. Plus, bingo chat games allow you to directly interact with chat hosts and potentially win some excellent prizes.

Finally, don’t forget to check the rules of a bingo chat game before entering it. You should know that chat hosts are always available to answer any questions you have. These games are made to win some great prizes, socialise and have fun. So, find the bingo chat game that you want to take part in and enjoy it!

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