The best online bingo sites are fully licenced and secure, offer great welcome bonuses and other promotions, have a big selection of bingo games, and have quality customer service. Continue reading to learn more about the qualities of the best online bingo sites.

Online Bingo

Online bingo is simpler and easier to play than the bingo played in bingo halls. That’s because everything is digitalised and the bingo games perform faster. In addition, online bingo sites offer classic 90 and 75-ball bingo games that are presented through different themes and styles to fit every taste and budget.

Here at Bingo Scanner, we aim to understand bingo players as we understand the online bingo game itself. That’s why we’re trying to find the best online bingo sites that fit all of your gaming tastes and interests.

Welcome Bonuses

The best online bingo sites always offer welcome bonuses to the players. Those bonuses help bingo sites to attract new players and to keep them playing. Also, welcome bonuses are a great opportunity for bingo players to try out a site without depositing too much money.

Loyalty Programme

Another great feature that the best online bingo sites offer is the online bingo loyalty program. This loyalty programme is a special deal offered to the players with the aim to make them regular customers. The deals offered in these programs are different from site to site and they’re also different from the other promotions and bonuses that accompany most of the online bingo sites.

Loyalty programs are the bingo site’s way of offering special rewards to the players, such as bingo points, for those players that will continuously return to the same bingo game on the same site. Another great type of loyalty program is the referral program where you’ll have to invite friends to sign up and you’ll be rewarded.

Selection of Games

The beauty of online bingo sites is that there are so many games available to play. The selection of bingo games available online is huge, and the best and most trustworthy bingo sites will offer various games. For example, a great bingo site should have the classic 90-ball bingo game, as well as the 75 and 80-ball bingo games. Those bingo sites that have a big selection of games will allow you to filter selections in order to find the best game for you. Consider this when checking out a new bingo site!

Software Providers

There are a couple of online bingo software providers that offer bingo sites and games that work perfectly. For example, Dragonfish is one of the most popular bingo software worldwide that is powering most of the bingo sites and brands. With a huge selection of bingo sites and bingo games, Dragonfish has become the most used software by the bingo players and its popularity will continue to grow.

Another great online bingo software provider is Gamesys that operates some of the greatest bingo sites in the UK and they utilise their own software that gives an amazing experience.

Mobile Bingo

One of the biggest innovations in the bingo world is mobile bingo that is taking over the bingo industry. The new generation of bingo players is constantly using mobile devices so it’s normal that they would want to play bingo on mobile as well. That’s why the best online bingo sites are mobile-friendly or have developed iOS and Android applications for you to enjoy playing online bingo. These mobile sites are linked to the site on the web, so they have the same security.

Customer Support

Of course, a great bingo site must have a customer support system. That is a great way of showing that the site cares about its players. When you’re looking for a bingo site to play on, don’t forget to check whether the site has customer support service or not. It can be in the form of live chat, contact page, or a custom-made customer support system.

Licences and Data Security

This is something that should be firstly checked when visiting a bingo site. Licences, data security and protection of the players should be the main concern to any bingo site. The best online bingo sites in the UK hold a licence from a recognized authority like the UK Gambling Commission. So, when you’re visiting a site, make sure to check if the site has the UK Gambling Commission’s logo on the homepage. The steps taken by a bingo site to provide data security should be fair and transparent. Also, the best online bingo sites have written about the actions they take to keep your data safe.

Best Online Bingo Sites

And finally, we’ve reached the point where we share our selection of the best online bingo sites available to play. We realise the importance of these aspects that a bingo site should have, and that’s why we’re recommending only the best sites for our players!