What Is Slingo?

Online slots and bingo players tend to ask a lot of questions, and one of the most commonly asked questions recently is ‘What Is Slingo?’. This is a very unique and original concept, it is a game based on a combination of bingo and slots.

Online slots and bingo players tend to ask a lot of questions, and one of the most commonly asked questions recently is ‘What Is Slingo?’. This is a very unique and original concept, it is a game based on a combination of bingo and slots, so in a way makes sense to say slingo bingo, but also slingo slots. Original Slingo appeared in the 1990s, but it has become quite a lot more popular in recent years. Look at the word slingo and that gives you an idea what is slingo, since the word itself is a portmanteau.

If you’re looking to play free slingo games, or slingo arcade games, there are plenty of options, but if you’re looking to play real money slingo, just register with Secret Slots, claim your bonus and start playing Slingo. If you want to get a more theoretical insight into slingo and how it works, read this article and you will get the best possible answer to the question ‘What Is Slingo?’, how it works and how to play.

What is Slingo? – Basic Features

More than a few Slingo games have appeared in the last period, particularly in the last few months. Many of them are featured on Secret Slots. You can play Bingo Money Slingo, Love Island Slingo, and many other games.  Let’s briefly go through the concept of Slingo, before we get into details for some of the most popular slingo games.

Once the game is launched, you will get to see a card with a number that looks much like a bingo ticket, but it spins like the reels of a slot game. Once the game is launched, numbers start appearing, i.e. numbers are matched to the numbers you have on your slingo card.

There can be several additional features, and this is an aspect of slingo games that makes them resemble slot games more than bingo. You need to get all numbers across a line to get a win, and that’s something which is the case both with bingo games and with slots, although the type of lines can differ.

Usually, in slingo games, you will need to get either one vertical, horizontal or a diagonal line. The more lines you get, the higher your payout would be. If you get a winning combination across all paylines the amount that you’ll receive will be much more significant, in fact, this is called a full house in some games.

Top Slingo Games

Perhaps the best way to describe and define slingo, slingo games and how they work is to give you an insight into the top slingo games. So, here are the most popular slingo games.

Love Island Slingo

Of course, you’ve heard of Love Island. This is one of the most popular shows on UK television and it’s fair to say that Love Island Slingo is one of the top slingo games available at Secret Slots, but also in general.

You will see a ticket on the screen and it features five rows and five columns with a total of 25 numbers on your game. The maximum number of winning lines you can hit is a dozen and this is a called a full house. You will need to get a minimum of three lines to get your original stake and at least four to get a bit more than what you’ve wagered.

One of the best aspects of Slingo is that doesn’t end with you pressing the spin button. You can make additional wagers during the game and that makes things a lot more interesting. Of course, that also means that you can wager a lot more money during an individual spin which makes things a lot more complex when it comes to the financial aspect.

If you want to make a wager on Love Island Slingo, you can choose between £1 and £100 per game. The potential prizes grow with your wager, so if you get £3 for six lines when you’re playing with a £1 per game, you will get £300 for six lines with a £100 wager.

If you don’t get enough lines from the regular games, you can choose to up your ante, wager more and play for more winning combinations. The likelihood of hitting a combination and the total potential number of combinations that could be hit has an impact on the amount that you will need to wager.

Big Money Slingo

Big Money Slingo is a unique game that is based on the slingo concept and functions like all other slingo games in many respects, but it comes with a number of options that aren’t otherwise available.

Firstly, here you get to pick a location yourself and this is quite interesting. There are six locations and your wager depends on which one you choose. The Jokers Hamlet is the first location in big money slingo and if you want to play this game you will need to place a 50p wager. A ticket for the Golden Fields costs £1, whereas a ticket for the Royal Forest is £2. The Lucky Gulch is the most expensive location, you will need to wager at least £10 to get inside.

The game comes with two bonus features, there’s a Joker Wild and Free Spins. The Joker Wild acts as a standard wild symbol when it appears on a position it is just like you’ve hit the respective number that is placed there.

The Free Spins bonus, again, is a standard free spins bonus, similar to the one that you can get in any slot game. If you get this symbol on your ticket, you will get one extra spin in addition to the standard ones that are played during each game.

What is Slingo? – Conclusion

Hopefully, you now have a clearer picture of slingo games, as we’ve given you a detailed answer to the question ‘What is Slingo?’.

If you wish to play slingo games and see for yourself why these games are so popular, register with Secret Slots, claim your bonus and have a go at one or more of our Slingo games.