What Is Bingo?

Bingo is a game of chance in which each player matches numbers printed in different arrangements on 5×5 cards with the randomly drawn numbers.

Let’s ponder the big question here – what is bingo? The basics of all bingo games, including online bingo, are simple and include matching the numbers on a card with those called by the game. This easy-to-understand gameplay is probably one of the biggest reasons why this simple, fun and exciting game has gained such big popularity soon after it first appeared.


The industry started rising in the 1960s, with bingo halls starting to spring up across the UK. With weekly games offering big prizes, bingo quickly became a popular pastime in the UK and US. Naturally, the advent of the Internet has affected the game and, thanks to an ever-increasing suite of virtual products, bingo is now widely available online. Providing all the features of the original game but digitised for convenience, online bingo has quickly surpassed the popularity of its predecessor.

However, this online version does have some slight disadvantages. For instance, inside a traditional bingo hall, there are hundreds of players all tangibly shooting for the prize, which creates a buzz that makes every game feel exciting. On the Internet, this level of interaction is hard to replicate because it is not possible to physically see the opposition. On the other hand, the main focus of online bingo is speed and efficiency. From buying a game ticket to cashing out winnings, playing bingo online is a lot more efficient and, therefore, a lot more convenient.

How Do You Play Online Bingo?

Here, we’ll walk you through all the necessary steps to playing online bingo. First, you need to buy a card that contains a random selection of numbers arranged in a grid. The game informs players whether they're looking for a Full House (every number), a horizontal line, or another pattern. Then, the caller reads out randomly generated numbers, which are also displayed on the game console. As in the original game, the goal is to match these numbers with those on your card. The winner is the player who successfully made a winning pattern.

What is ‘Pattern’?

In bingo, a ‘pattern’ is the shape created by the numbers hit on a bingo ticket, which, when made, result in a win for the player. These patterns can be as simple as a line or a full card or can involve complex shapes and designs.

Bingo Strategy

Although bingo may be one of the easiest games to pick up, there are still strategies to consider, such as bankroll management, focus, and playing the numbers.

In any game, whether it's poker, slots or bingo, it's vital to know your limits and monitor your spending over fixed periods of time. Finding a bingo site with a timer and clock is very useful.

Then there's the issue of focus. You don’t need that much silence and concentration when playing online bingo, but there’s a lot to think about in a busy bingo lobby. If you're trying to win big, it's wise to keep track of busy games, big jackpot opportunities, special customer bonuses and reward schemes.

Thirdly, pay attention to the numbers. Choose how many cards you play based on your likelihood of winning and the prizes on offer. After all, if there aren’t too many people playing for a hefty guaranteed prize, then taking the chance to enter several times may not be a bad bet. On the other hand, spending on lots of tickets in a busy game may be a waste of money.

Online Bingo Games

Most of the top-notch bingo offerings feature a variety of bingo games, as well as movie-themed video slots. Here are some of the most popular variations of the game of bingo:

75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo is one of the two most popular versions of bingo. It is played on a 5x5 card. The centre space is marked free. All numbers between 1 and 75 are called out during the game until a winning pattern emerges. There are several diverse patterns available, the most popular are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, diamond, or coverall. Patterns that make the shape of letters like E or F are also winning patterns.

This type of bingo is so played mostly due to its popularity and speed of the game. Patterns are constantly changing, which keeps the excitement going.

80-Ball Bingo

The latest and greatest in the online bingo hall is 80 Ball Bingo. This version was developed straight from the online bingo hall and has a different design of the card. Also referred to as a shutter card, the 80 Ball Bingo card is designed on a 4x4 grid. The columns are different colours, red, yellow, blue, and silver.

The winning patterns are similar to 75 Ball. However, due to the card’s unique design, there are new patterns available; for instance, diagonal bingo or corner bingo are now pattern options. The unique patterns, card differences, and increased numbers make this a more enjoyable version with better odds than 75-Ball Bingo.

90-Ball Bingo

With a 5x5 card, 90-Ball offers three different ways to win during each game. Each strip, normally bought 6 at a time, contains numbers 1 through 90. The numbers are only repeated once, which gives players a chance to stamp their card each time a number is called.

Cost and Prizes

Because there are no actual costs for paper, the cards are normally sold for a decreased cost, allowing bingo fanatics to play for just pennies. In a single game, players can win on a single horizontal line, two lines, or a full house. The prizes differ for each line and are split if there is more than one winner. The full house receives the biggest prize.

Although there is a network of guaranteed prizes, the main attraction for many bingo players is the progressive jackpot games. The system is the same as in the online slots world - a progressive jackpot game takes a small percentage of each player's buy-in and adds it to the communal jackpot.

Under this system, thousands of players and their buy-ins are added to the jackpot each hour and the end result is a jackpot that grows exponentially and often reaches hundreds of thousands and, sometimes, millions of pounds.


What is bingo, if not a social platform for people of all ages? Bingo has always had a social core and its transition to the Internet did nothing to smother that. Online bingo offers the opportunity to embrace an inviting community while enjoying unlimited gameplay and a huge variety of excellent games.

We’re sure that the majority of people know what is bingo, but there’s no harm in explaining it again. Get your ticket, and BIN - GO!