How To Play Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games in our society, and you’ve probably had your first steps when you were young. The excitement of being the first one to yell Bingo will stick with us, but nowadays, with the internet and all the bingo sites around, that excitement turned into an electronic version of the same.

Bingo is one of the most popular games in our society, and you’ve probably played it at some point in your life. The excitement of being the first one to yell Bingo will stick with us, but nowadays, with the Internet and all the bingo sites around, that excitement turned into an electronic version of the same.

While some of the players have found a new way to enjoy the new electronic bingo, there are others that still prefer the excitement of the land-based bingo and still want to yell when they got the winning combination.

Bingo Winning

While some of the people believe that winning the bingo and landing the necessary winning combination is pure luck and superstition, others believe that there is a secret in playing it and that there is a strategy of playing the odds that you can implement.

But the main thing is inevitable – whatever your opinion on winning the bingo is, you have to know the rules of playing the bingo to be able to win.

History of Bingo

The first signs of bingo were back in 1530 where the “Lo Gioco del Lotto d’Italia” started and took place in Italy. The most interesting thing is that bingo still runs every Saturday in Italy! The French were the ones that picked up this wonderful game in the 1700s while the Americans received their first bingo in the 1900s.

Throughout the years, there are more versions of the game, and as the game was passed from one country to another, there were modifications to the same, and as expected, it twisted the game a bit from the original on in Italy. The most popular one was the bingo with playing cards where you play with nine columns and three rows, with four free spaces per row.

How to Play Bingo

If you want to know how to play bingo online, first you need to find a suitable site to do the same where you need to sign in, make a deposit and play with the same money. These are all pre-game things you need to do but once you sit on the table, you should be 100% familiar with the rules, as you are investing your money in the game.

The first thing when the game starts is: you will receive three cards faced down, and that goes for every player, and for every new game of bingo. There is a computer or a live dealer that deals cards, and you need to make a combination of the same in order to win the bingo. The online bingos are relatively easy since everything is done by left-clicking – you can click the cards that you want to take and make the winning combination.

Online Bingo Prizes

Depending on the day, the current promotion, and the site that you’ve chosen to play bingo at, the prizes can vary, but usually, they circulate around the same number. The £50 is the number that gets linked to the bingo winners most of the time, however, you can find sites and tables that pay out more, or less, depending on your approach to the bingo.


Bingo is one of the most social games, and ever since it was invented, it’s intended to be played in a larger group, unlike the other games where the max players on the table can be five up to six players.

Some of the experts suggest that in order to be the one that leaves with all the cash, you need to socialize with the rest of the people that are playing bingo and take a more psychological approach to the conversations, while others suggest that you simply ignore all the players at the start of the game and proceed with your own tactics and understandings of the game.

Online Bingo Tips

Owning a computer, a stable internet connection and knowing the rules of the bingo doesn’t mean you are an expert in this field. There are a lot of tips that you can implement in your gameplay that will most certainly help with the outcome at the end of the day and will determine how full your pocket is.

The very first thing to look when playing online bingo is to make sure that the site that you are spending your money at is a legit site! There are a lot of sites that will try to manipulate you and take your money, offering a game of bingo and stealing your money that you will never see again. Some other sites that are actually good and can offer you payment if you are the one that lands the winning combination can be very disorganized and you may lose yourself in the bad User Interface that you can’t find where the login button is! We’ve had some sites like this, and we suggest you open your eyes and make a good decision regarding this issue.

The second thing is never to give your password to anyone. There will be a lot of messages, especially if you have won a prize, that will state that you need to give your password in order to claim the cash you’ve earned. Never, under any circumstances, give your password to anyone. The administrators of the site won’t need your password to pay out the prize.

The web sites that actually promise a lot of money in a short period of time are the sites that will scam you. No one will give you a lot of money in a short time, without registration if the site is legal and legit.

The sites that actually are well-organized and offer the best playing surroundings are the sites that will actually have free games and demo versions of the games in them, so make sure you look for them on the sites that you are playing and spending your time, money and energy at. Fortunately, you can find such sites here at Bingo Scanner!