Guide To 90 Ball Bingo

Bingo is becoming a new favorite pastime for an increasing number of people in the UK, across a wide range of demographics. If you are unsure how to play 90 ball bingo, this is the ultimate guide that gets you started and points you to few of the best bingo sites.

Bingo Popularity

Even the birds know that bingo is becoming more and more popular. The idea that bingo is for the elderly is no longer true, as an increasing number of people of all ages find the game appealing and a good form of entertainment. Although the number of official bingo halls has dropped, the number of online bingo sites has increased significantly thanks to the increase in the use of mobile devices from 33% in 2015 to 43% in 2016. 

Bingo is becoming more popular thanks to the diversity of bingo rooms and bingo games. Each online bingo parlour offers themed jackpots, free tickets, penny tickets, as well as more expensive tickets with greater jackpot amounts. At any rate, most bingo rooms are reserved for the most popular bingo game - the 90-Ball Bingo. We will tell you a little bit about the game, its rules, how it's played and a few places where you can play it on a great introductory bonus. 

Where Does Bingo Come From?

First off, a little known fact about the origin of the name. Bingo comes from Italy. When the game migrated to the US along with the wave of emigrants from southern Italy, it was called “beano” because the players marked the numbers with beans or pebbles. The game got its widely-popular name after a New York toy salesman overheard a person mispronounce “beano” into “bingo.” That person was Edwin S. Lowe who with the help of mathematicians from Columbia University produced 6000 bingo cards with a different arrangement of the numbers. 

Introduction To 90-Ball Bingo

A 90-ball bingo game starts with buying a bingo ticket, also called a bingo card, which has nine rows and three columns. One ticket makes up 27 squares that are given a random set of numbers, which are then checked, or "daubed" as the game's numbers are called out.  

While one ticket is enough to buy into a game, to really increase the chances for a score the players usually purchase a full strip, which is comprised of six bingo tickets; that is, six tickets times 27 squares in which every number starting from 1 and ending with 90 will appear on the squares. 

Each of the lines, which contain nine squares, will get up to five numbers, while each of the nine columns is filled a number that belongs to the unit of tens. So, the first column gets numbers between 1 and 9, the second column between 10 and 19, the third column between 20 and 29 and so on till the ninth column which gets numbers between 80 and 90.

Playing 90-Ball Bingo

Each bingo game has three levels of win per ticket - one line, two lines and three lines in which all numbers have been dabbed. A three-line win on the same ticket is called House of Bingo. In a bingo game, two or more players can share the winning numbers, which means the prize or the jackpot will be divided by two. 

The advantage of online bingo sites is that all winnings are automatically registered by the system and are made known by the caller of that bingo room. Conversely, if you are playing in a Bingo hall, you will have to shout BINGO out loud to let the caller know that there has been a winner.

Bingo Payouts

When it comes to the prizes that can be won in a bingo game, it all depends on how many people are playing and the price of the ticket. The higher the price and the bigger the number of players will naturally result in a bigger prize. Bingo sites are known to offer rooms with specific rules. In some rooms, the jackpot amount is fixed, while in other the prize amount can fluctuate depending on the number of players.

Bingo Lingo

One of the things that make bingo all the more fun is the manner in which the numbers are called out. Most likely, the caller will rhyme with the number or give them some kind of cultural connotation that may ring a bell with a certain audience. For example, the number 42 is followed by "Winnie the Pooh" and 3 would likely be followed by "Cup of tea." The numbers have their own names, so the number eight is "one fat lady" and the number 88 is "two fat ladies".

Where to Play 90-Ball Bingo

Today there are hundreds of bingo sites online and that may make it a hassle in making a choice. How do you pick a good bingo site? Or even better how to you pick the right bingo site? This is why Bingo Scanner exists - to connect you with verified bingo sites that have excellent rooms, jackpots and provide bonuses regularly. Here are a few of them.

Blighty Bingo

Blighty Bingo is one of the most popular online bingo sites. Unlike any other bingo site, Blighty Bingo sets no wagering requirements so you are welcome to start your account and enjoy your winnings right away. Depositing £10 will get you the sum of £70 worth of bingo tickets, which you can use in different bingo rooms such as 75-ball, 90-ball, free bingo and VIP bingo.

The Sun Bingo

The Sun Bingo also has a newspaper running from the start in 2006 and they were all being operated by Tombola, obtained by Gamesys and in 2015 was bought by Playtech which is a renowned gaming provider. It also offers online slots that are most definitely some of the favourites among the players, as well as table games that might catch your eye. 

Bingo Besties

This is a brand new bingo site that goes out of its way with the bonuses and promotions in order to cater to its expanding base of players. If you like to play bingo games, then you can choose one or more of the nine different types. New players need to deposit just £10 to get £80 worth of play money plus ten free spins on slots. 

Time to Play

We hope that we have helped you understand bingo’s simple rules of play and to learn more about 90-ball bingo. With only three out of many bingo sites that we have reviewed, this is a great place to start your bingo adventure right from this page.