Guide To 80-Ball Bingo

VV | Published May 30, 2018

80-Ball bingo isn’t as popular as 75-Ball bingo, or 90-Ball bingo, but it definitely is one of the fastest growing bingo games, especially if we are discussing online bingo. While 90-Ball bingo was always considered a more British variant, whereas 75-Bingo is popular on the other side of the pond, 80-Ball bingo is a newer, more dynamic variant which isn’t tied to a particular geographic location.
If you have only played 90-Ball or 75-Ball bingo, or both or neither of these variants, then this Guide to 80-Ball bingo will certainly help you understand the rules, features and the overall dynamics of this bingo variant. The 80-Ball variant was considered to be niche when it first appeared, but as time went by it attracted more and more players.

Card Outline

An 80-Ball bingo card features 16 numbers in a four by four layout. You will notice that each of the four columns has the same colours and only particular numbers can appear in the column with the respective colour.

  • The numbers from 1 to 20 are red
  • Yellow numbers are the ones from 21 to 40
  • Numbers from 41 to 59 can only be blue
  • Silver numbers are the last numbers in 80-Ball bingo – 60 to 80.

 Basic 80-Ball Bingo Features

The numbers are drawn in the same way as with other bingo games. If you’re playing at a bingo hall a caller will read out the names of the balls that have been drawn. However, we have a strong reason to suspect that you will be playing online, so in that case the software will draw the numbers. A number can be drawn only once, and when it is you need to mark it on your card.
There’s no need to worry if you miss to mark a certain number, the result will still count. In fact, you can even choose to have the software mark your numbers for you. Most players enjoy marking the numbers themselves, because the feeling is more authentic.
Usually, somewhere on the screen you will see the last few numbers that have been called, just to make things more realistic. The balls are displayed on a board which features five rows, each consisted of 16 numbers where each number is coloured in its respective shade.
So, if you purchase five tickets grouped together you will cover all 80 numbers. This group of five tickets is called a strip. Some players prefer buying a full strip for a game, whereas others like to mix things up and choose tickets that haven’t been grouped together.

Chat Rooms

In most online games there’s also a chat window, where you can chat with fellow bingo players and the callers, i.e. the staff hired by the online bingo site. The chat is one of the most interactive elements in online bingo, and many argue that the chat rooms are one of the main reasons why online bingo actually made it and became a very effective substitute for conventional bingo. In fact, in many ways online bingo is more popular than conventional bingo.
Sometimes they hand out prizes and bonuses in the chat rooms and while these bonuses may not include heavy amounts, they are in no way insignificant, so make sure that you won’t miss out on them. Tips on chat rooms and chat games are something we had to include in this Guide to 80-Ball bingo.

Winning Combinations

There are more than few winning combinations in 80-Ball bingo and different combinations can be valid in different games.

  • Any Single Line – This a common variant where you need to complete a single line to win, be that a horizontal, a diagonal or a vertical line. As long as one row is covered you will win the game.
  • Any Line, Columns and House – This is a game where there are four possible prizes, one for a single line, then another for two vertical lines, a third prize for three vertical lines and finally a prize for the player who manages to hit all 16 numbers, a prize also known as a house.
  • Any Single Line and House – In this game, both players that complete a single line, as well as those who have all their 16 numbers drawn win a prize. Of course, the house prize is a lot higher.
  • House – Here only the player who hits a full house wins a prize, and the prizes are a lot more significant.
  • Pattern – A random pattern can be set and the player who completes that pattern first will win a prize. The pattern can be the only prize or in combination with other prizes.
  • Four Corners – This is one common example of a pattern game, where the player who gets the numbers in the four corners of the card wins the game.

The prize of one ticket for an 80-Ball bingo game may vary. You can find games where the tickets don’t cost much, and some bingo sites even offer free games, either as part of the bonus package for new players, or as part of another promotion. If you’re new to 80-Ball bingo it is wise to start with games for which the tickets cost a lot less.
The prizes depend on the ticket prizes, but there are other contributing factors, like the number of participants. Generally, if there are more players and the tickets cost more, the prizes will also be higher. In some games there are guaranteed prizes, i.e. the operator ensures that each winner will receive a particular amount, regardless of the number of participants.

Some 80-Ball Bingo Tips

Luck is the key when it comes to bingo games, no matter which bingo variant we are talking about. However, there are certain things that you could do to improve your chances of winning. Firstly, even if everything is down to luck, you should know the rules and understand the game dynamics. And this Guide to 80-Ball bingo will certainly help you with that.
Also, try to avoid playing in rooms that are too crowded, because that decreases your chances of winning. There are certain hours when the rooms are more full than usual, so it is best to avoid peak hours. Always check for free tickets and promotions, it is always handy to be competing for something without having to purchase a ticket.


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