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VV | Published Nov 08, 2018

Online bingo is a relatively new phenomenon when we compare it to land-based bingo at least. This new phenomenon gained popularity quite quickly, and now it’s even on its way to, so to say, defeat land-based bingo. The number of bingo halls in the UK is in constant decline since the emergence of the first online bingo sites. A lot of players opt to play online nowadays because it is a lot simpler and a lot more convenient. And, last but certainly not least, when you’re playing bingo online, you can claim bonus offers and promotions that aren’t available when you’re playing at land-based bingo halls. You can even play free bingo that pays real money if you win.

Free bingo is one of the most impressive aspects of online bingo. It may seem counterintuitive that there’s bingo for real money free, because how can something be both free and with real money? Well, the thing is that you can get free bingo tickets and play real bingo, so the prizes that you may win will be real. Why would bingo sites offer free bingo, you may wonder, but the answer is quite simple. Namely, players love free stuff, so when a bingo operator offers free bingo, a lot of players will be inclined to pick it over other sites that don’t offer free bingo. As you can see, we’ve listed free bingo and bonuses as some of the top qualities that a bingo site should have.

Two Types Of Free Bingo That Pays Real Money

Now that we have your attention, you are probably wondering how you can take part in free bingo that pays real money. There are two ways to play free bingo that pays real money. Both are pretty similar, but there is a specific difference.

You can get free bingo tickets as part of the welcome bonus when you register with a new bingo site. Most online bingo sites featured on Bingo Scanner offer such bonuses. Claim this bonus when you register, and you will get actual bingo tickets that can otherwise be purchased for free. That way you will participate in a real-money game with one notable difference, namely, you won’t have to buy the ticket, it’ll be free.

There’s another option though. Many online bingo sites offer free bingo games, i.e. games where you don’t have to pay for a ticket and yet you can still participate in a real money game and win real prizes. These prizes are usually a lot lower compared to standard bingo prizes that you can win in bingo games where the ticket costs at least 1p. Still, you get a chance to play free bingo that pays real money, even if the prizes are not that high.

Bingo Welcome Offers

If you’re new to online bingo, you might not be aware of how everything works, we’ve decided to explain the whole process.

Firstly, you will need to pick an online bingo site. Fortunately, you won’t have to do any browsing or going through different sites, we’ve selected the top ones for you. Just go through our reviews and select an online bingo site. It doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to register with a bingo site. You might need to confirm your email account, although not all sites require that step.

When you’re on the site, in most cases you will need to make your first deposit to be able to claim your bonus. Even if a deposit is required, the bonus is totally worth it, some of the sites featured here offer a first deposit bonus much higher than your first deposit. You can get bingo tickets worth £70 with a deposit of just £10, so you’d be able to play with a total of £80.

Moreover, some of the sites will also include free spins in the welcome package, so you will get a chance to play slots as well as bingo. Once you’ve claimed your bonus you can use your free bingo tickets, as well as the funds that you have deposited.

Once you have used your first deposit and the initial bonuses that you have claimed, you can proceed to claim other promotions. Most sites, especially those listed here on Bingo Scanner, offer all sorts of bonuses and promotions for regular players.

Moreover, you can also enter the free bingo rooms, where the ticket doesn’t cost you anything and play free bingo. As you can see, there are a lot of options if you’re looking for free bingo that pays real money.

Top UK Bingo Sites

Now that you know how to play free bingo and what options will be available to you if you wish to play bingo games with real awards without having to make a real money wager, let’s give you an overview of some of the best UK bingo sites.

Blighty Bingo

This is one of the premier UK bingo sites. Blighty Bingo is owned by Tau Marketing Services, and not only is this site their best bingo brand, but it is one of the most recognised and most popular UK bingo brands overall.

First of all, Blighty Bingo is very unique in terms of design and visual appearance. The distinct theme and the quirky TV ad have contributed to its appeal and popularity, but let’s not forget their bonus offers and other promotions.

Paddy Power Bingo

Paddy Power is one of the top online casino and bingo brands not only in the UK but also internationally. The company started as a result of a merger between a few independent Irish bookmakers, it soon became the largest betting company in Ireland and one of the major operators in the UK. The company started offering online casino gaming and bingo quickly after the first online sites were launched and their brands are now among the largest and most popular casino and bingo brands in the UK.

If you want to play free bingo that pays real money, as well as top online slots, register with one of our featured providers and claim your bonus!

Other Offers

Paddy Power Bingo
Spend £10, Play With £50 + 50 Spins


Sun Bingo
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