Wish Upon a Jackpot Free Spins

Wish Upon a Jackpot Free Spins

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Wish Upon a Jackpot Overview

There are movie celebrity mashups, superhero mashups, professional wrestling battle royales and a then there is that when you mix your favorite cereal in one bowl. You get the idea - it's about cherry-picking the best from many worlds in order to create something even more awesome. That's exactly what Wish Upon a Jackpot slot is. This game features many of the favorite children's fairytale characters and spins them together into an online slot. The result is a beautifully designed casino game that takes the player through the dark forest and to the end of the rainbow, or wherever the jackpot may be residing. To win this game land one of the many Wish Upon a Jackpot bonus features to trigger bonuses, multipliers and the special Wish Upon a Jackpot Free Spins.

How to Play Wish Upon a Jackpot

Setting up the game is easy and straightforward. It requires selecting the size of the bet per spin. The button on the left side of the reel-set determine the value, which ranges from £0.20 and all the way to £500. Well, the latter value seems like a wager one would place in a dream or in a fairytale, but if the jackpot rattles the reel-set then a mere £500 perhaps would mean so much in the grand scheme of things. At any rate, the smaller, more down-to-earth amounts for your bet per spin can generate winnings which are quite decent, so no need to despair the account balance because it can go up in a matter of seconds. It could be so thanks to the many bonus features which include the Wish Upon a Jackpot Free Spins

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Wish Upon a Jackpot Free Spins

The Wish Upon a Jackpot Free Spins are brought on when three of the Bonus book symbols land in any reel. This occurrence leads to a room that has been hidden from plain sight for many years. In it there are four tomes of very ancient scriptures, each unveiling a majestic prizes. Two of those prizes are free spins, and not just any. The Wish Upon a Jackpot Slot Free Spins involve two of the most beloved children's (and grownup) tales - Rapunzel and Jack and the Beanstalk and just like every fairytale there will be twists and turns. Keep reading.

The Rapunzel Free Spins take place outside Rapunzel's tower which as multipliers that start at x2 and go up to x5 as the beloved prince climbs higher and higher. That happens whenever the prince symbol appears in the reels. When the prince saves Rapunzel the free spins mode leads to a happy end, because the Free Spins are unlimited until that happens. 

The Jack and the Beanstalk game is not quite a free spins mode, but it does take you to a 1000x multiplier on your winning wager. That may be better than free spins, but then who knows, as long as the Wish Upon a Jackpot slot Jackpot lands to the true seeker the story may keep taking twists and turns. 

Concluding Remarks

Make a big score in Wish Upon a Jackpot slot and land in Rapunzel’s tower. Certainly, there will be gold there and it may be the game’s jackpot prize! Play on any of our casinos and claim your Free Spins!

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