Bingo Sites With Winstones

Bingo Sites With Winstones

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Play the Winstones slot and find out what the fuss is all about on this five-reel and 25 payline game. There are some bingo sites with Winstones slot, so check out our quick overview of the game and play it on one of the Welcome Packages that we offer. 

The Winstones Slot Overview

Back in the stone age everyone was rich because no one had to work. Simple times, many pleasures, especially at the Winstones Resort and Casino. Rightfully so, the Gamesys company made a 25 payline online slot that spins the stone-age based Winstons cartoon into a Winstones slots. As everyone can expect, the game features paleontological species done in a wacky fashion, like the smiling homo sapiens with arms stretched far wide, who is wearing a posh jacket and sports a cool-guy mustache; and then there is the police-hat wearing dinosaur who has a stack of poker chips on the table. See, everything is out of order and that is the essence of the natural order of things. The Winstones thrive in their pastimes of riding mastodons, playing poker and, we suspect, most likely, the earliest form of slots machines recorded in human history. With an excellent, above average Return to Player and top winning combos of 2000x and 1000x coins times your total wager, the Winstones slot is an excellent way to take your luck for some reel action. Here we have some bingo sites with Winstones slot just for your gambling entertainment and pleasure. 

Bingo Sites Featuring Winstones 

Paddy Power Bingo

Paddy Power has amazing bingo rooms and slots. Their selection of slots is amazing, and from more than 600 titles they may have left room for the Winstones slot. One of our best promotions for playing slots with free play money is with Paddy Power. We have an amazing Welcome Package that includes free spins, so you can check out what games you can play starting right here. 

The Sun Bingo

This may be one the best of the bingo sites with Winstones slot. Sun Bingo features many bingo rooms with various jackpots and themes. Their slot selection may not be as huge as, say, Betfair, but they still count more than 300 online slots titles. One of those may be the Winstones, so check out the Welcome Package that we have for The Sun Bingo right here on Bingo Scanner.


This is one of the biggest online casinos in the world. Betfair features hundreds of slots and dozens of bingo rooms, in addition to sports betting, live casino games scratch-offs and so on. This could be on of the bingo sites with the Winstones slots, so check it out and see how much of free money could be gotten via our promotion, which starts right here. 

Concluding Remarks On Winstones

is a cool online slot machine made by gaming experts. There aren’t too many slots based on this theme, not at least in the manner in which the Winstones has been made. If you are looking for some fun reel action, play for cash prizes of 1000x and 2000x times your winning bet. 

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