Tiki Island Free Spins

Tiki Island Free Spins

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Is there anyone who wouldn’t want to spend at least a few days on a tropical island? Probably not, and while you can’t always head out for a short, or a longer, vacation in the Caribbean or somewhere else, you always can have a spin on the Tiki Island slot. Many bingo sites offer Tiki Island, and you might even be able to get a Tiki Island free spins bonus, or perhaps another promo offer that can be used on Tiki Island slots. Have a read of our Tiki Island slot review if you want to know a bit more about the game and all its features and characteristics.


Tiki Island Free Spins Bonus

Tiki Island was developed by Gamesys and we can say that this is among their top games. Tiki Island comes with a range of interesting and exciting features, and even though there isn’t a classic Tiki Island free spins feature, the game offers two different bonus features, plus you can have your prize multiplied if you get a minimum of three scatters across on the reels. The more scatters you get, the higher the multiplier level will be.


Bonus Features

The bonus features are named Puffer Fish and Tiki’s Nuts, and, as you can see, the names completely match the style and the theme of the game.

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Tiki’s Nuts

Nuts is a word that has multiple meanings and can be used in different contexts, but in this case the creators of the game were referring to coconuts. And that makes a lot of sense, as you will definitely find a lot of coconut trees on a tropical island. You will need to choose one of the offered three coconuts and then it will open, and you will get a prize. This bonus prize is in coins. You may hit an empty coconut too, and in that case, you go straight back to the main game.

Puffer Fish

The Puffer Fish bonus is triggered every time you get three puffer fish. This very similar to the coconut bonus, but in this case instead of coconuts you will be choosing from a selection of three different fish. Each fish contains a different amount of coins, but you have no way of knowing which fish is more valuable, you’ll have to take a guess. Similarly, if you choose a fish that awards no coins whatsoever, you will be returned to the base game.

Scatter Multiplier Bonus

Last but not least, there’s the scatter symbol which was mentioned above. You will have to get at least three scatters across an active payline, but with four or five scatters you will win a lot more money. So, with three scatters your win will be multiplied by five, but with four you will get a prize multiplied by 25. And for the biggest win, with five scatters the multiplier level is increased to 100.

So, for example if you win a prize that is worth £15 nominally, when it gets multiplied by 100, the prize that you receive will be £1,500.


In a Nutshell