The Pig Wizard RTP

The Pig Wizard RTP

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Pig Wizard Slot Overview

What wears a magician's hat, grants your wishes and says 'oink oink'? That would be the Pig Wizard who plays the lead role in the Pig Wizard slot by Blueprint gaming. This five reel, three row online slot is a fantasy theme involving a strange fella who lives in a den and deals with magic. We can rest assured that this is good magic we are talking about because the game has four bonus features that pay great cash amounts. And to round up our opinion we can confirm that the Pig Wizard slot has a great Return to Player probability, which makes it even more fun to play. Continue reading to learn the value of the Pig Wizard RTP.

Pig Wizard Slot Design

The inspiration for the Pig Wizard slot comes from any of a range of sources that use magic as a premise to the story. That could be Merlin the magician or Gandalf, or anyone who wears a magician's hat. In our story that is a smiling piggy who delves into books of magic, has an inventory with magical properties and knows how to make bags filled with gold coins. The gold coins stand for real cash, which this online slot can deliver via the 20 paylines. 

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The symbols of the Pig Wizard slot are the card numbers and letters ten, jack, queen, king and ace. The rest of the symbols are the Pig Wizard's hart, his books, a bag of gold, golden medallions that multiply the winnings and a Scatter and a Wild symbol. 

Pig Wizard RTP

First off, for those who aren't sure what RTP stands for and what it means, we'll share some insights. RTP stands for Return to Player. This is the theoretical amount that any player stands to gain at an undetermined period of play. So if the RTP is 90% the player will gain back 90% of the wagered money. This may be a bit confusing but it isn't. The RTP's winning probability doesn't include the cash prize that can be won beyond the limits of that value. So if someone wins a jackpot that certainly goes beyond that game's RTP. The Pig Wizard RTP has been set at 94.68% which is an excellent amount considering how many slots games are under that number. 

How to Win Pig Wizard Slot

The game's two special symbols are tied to a number of bonus features that can increase the payout as well as the levels of entertainment. The Bonus symbol landing in reels one, three and five grants the Magical Map Bonus which has four selections. Picking one of these opens up a side game in which the player can receive the Pig's benevolent magic. 

The bonus plays are the Magical Wild Reels, the Magic Mirror Free Spins, the Trail of Magic and the Squeal or no Squeal game. Each game has its own gameplay and its own boosters that increase the coin amounts that could be won. 

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