Bingo Sites With Super Spins Bar X Gold

Bingo Sites With Super Spins Bar X Gold

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Super Spins Bar X Gold Slot Overview

Blueprint gaming are known for making slots machines that have a minimalist appearance but deliver big cash prizes along with an entertaining gameplay. In the Super Spins Bar X Gold slot the gameplay is quick and thrilling, and the cash prize, called the Gold Pot, is no less than 250,000,00 credits. The reel-set is made of five reels and three rows that spin across ten comfortable paylines. Even though there isn't much going on in terms of design, the experience is there to suffice any player's expectations. Because this game is in-demand and is present at a number of online casinos, we should mention the bingo sites with Super Spins Bar X Gold, just so that bingo players are not left without the option to angle their luck towards the huge jackpot. 

Super Spins Bar X Gold Design

Play Super Spins Bar X Gold - Claim Your Free Spins at Bingo Scanner

There is a good reason why this slot machine has such an unusually long title and words like "super" and "spins" and "bar" and "X" and "gold" in it. We'll go over each. "Gold" stands for the "Gold Pot" jackpot' "Super" stands for the superb gameplay, the 50x multiplier on your winning bet for the highest valued regular symbol; "Bar" for the amazing 500x times your bet when the Bar symbol lands on all squares; "X" because it is one of only four symbols in this slot; and finally, "Spins" because the reels spin quick  and the winnings are churned accordingly to its Return to Player probability, which is 92.50%. 

How to Play Super Spins Bar X Gold Slot

The game features in Las Vegas casinos and other gambling palaces across the United States. The game has several buttons to set up the game play. The coin size determines how much the player is going to spend per each spin. The Autoplay enables setting up automatic spins at a selected number of turns. And the Spin button sets the reels spinning. The paylines are automatically registered and drawn on the screen. Some may thing that having few symbols means the game is boring, but that is far from the truth. This game delivers a thrilling high-speed action and a huge jackpot, so make sure that you dose your total bet amounts according to the budget and your intuitive whim of the game. 

Bingo Sites With Super Spins Bar X Gold

There are few sites that have both bingo and casino that have the Super Spins Bar X Gold slot. This game has few variation - one of them is with a progressive jackpot and the other one with a regular jackpot, but still a huge prize. So let’s take a look at just couple of bingo sites with Super Spins Bar X Gold.


This is one of the biggest online casinos in the world and has more than 400 slots titles. Super Spins Bar X Gold is one of those. You can claim your Welcome Package right from our site and get free play money and free spins to play this or any other game of your liking. 

Zinger Bingo

This is a new bingo site that offers slots and bingo rooms. Zinger Bingo delivers excellent promotions, and regularly too, and a superb loyalty program that gives free spins to players who return to play frequently. At the moment the welcome package offers nice free play money on the minimum deposit. The previous version of Super Spins Bar X Gold did feature on the site, so checking this out may be worth your while. 

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