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Starburst Slot Game

Starburst slot is a very popular online slot game with five reels, three rows and a Return to Player of 96.10%. The cash prizes are attractive and many people respond by playing this game, which is always listed at the top by the best online casinos out there. 

Starburst Overview

Starburst slot is one of the most popular online slots ever. Browse any serious casino or bingo site and you will see its banner and logo featured prominently. That is because Starburst is almost always associated with free spins that are given to new players as part of the welcome package. And it is no small wonder why Starburst slots is up there, possibly in the top five slots in recent years. It is because the game is fun to play, pleasing to the eyes and pleasing as per the winning outcomes. Any player who has played the game knows that Starburst is a thrilling gambling experience. 

The reel set of Starburst slot consists of five reels and three rows - just the usual configuration that nevertheless delivers a superb gameplay. The number of paylines is 10 and these are fixed, which means that the player has control over the betting options by setting the Level of the bet. The theme of Starburst slots is diamonds and gems, which is one of the common themes in online slots, but this one is done differently. Net Entertainment, the game's designers, have done something that makes this game captivating. Is the design? Is it the way the reels spin? Is it winnings? The answer is, it is all of it. Starburst is a complete online slot machine and is fully deserving of the attention it has acquired. 

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Starburst Slot Design

Where do we begin with this... let's start with the truism that achieving simplicity is the pinnacle of intelligence. Simple design is the most difficult to achieve and Net Entertainment have succeeded in it with Startbust slots. The reel set of this diamond-themed online slot game is dominated by purple hues which gives a magical depth that reminds somehow of outer space. The diamonds that roll on the reels remind of stars. Hence - Starburst - but that is not the only reason for the title and we will get to that soon. The game's background is deep purple with a streak of spink, that reminds of a passing comet. The nebulas far in the background give a sparkly tinge that enriches the overall design.

The reel set is comprised of five reels and three spaces in each, which are filled with a singular diamond. The game has only five diamonds, one BAR symbol and one Lucky Seven, plus the wild card. Didn't we say there is simplicity to this game. Just few symbols, and there aren't even the card numbers and faces that are typical for most online slots. The wild symbol is a multi-colored star-burst that we think gives the game's title. This is the symbol that makes the game and its bonus feature, so read on to find out exactly what it does. 

How to Play Starburst

Before hitting the Spin button, setting up the bet configuration is the first thing you would want to do. Otherwise, the game spins at the default setting, which may vary from casino to casino. The configuration options pertain to the the Level and Coin Value. The coin value varies from from 1p per spin per level to £1 per level per spin. The level of the bet determines how many times is the coin value multiplied to deliver the total wager that is offered as a return to the winning combo. The ten levels of betting ensure that the paylines are all active regardless if you have selected 1 or 10 levels. This setting is basically the value that increases your total wager so that you can set up the value of your return. 

How to Win Starburst Slots

The Starburst wild card is associated with the Starburst bonus feature - when the symbol lands on reels two, three and four it triggers a free spin. When locked into place in the said reels, the symbol expands across the entire three reels and increases the winning possibilities as it locks into place additional symbols for the winning combo. The Starburst symbol substitutes for all other symbols. Because this game doesn't feature a scatter symbol, there are more possibilities for a scoring a win because in most other slots the wild does not substitute for the scatter. The number of free spins that are available are three - that means, gaining a free spin can result with a maximum of three spins. This mode pays according to the highest wager that has been set by the player and the winnings are paid from left to right. 

Starburst Return to Player

Starburst slot has an excellent Return to Player probability of 96.10%. This tips the scales towards greater winnings for the player. Online slots are usually around the 95.00% mark but this is also balanced by the game's bonus features and the reel-set configuration. With the Starburst RTP you can play Starburst slot and win on a greater frequency intervals because the Starburst wild symbol substitutes for all and appears in three reels. This gives the players great advantage, which shows right away because Starburst slot is part of the welcome offers in many casinos. 

How Starburst Demo Works

If you want to get fully familiarised with the Starburst slot game and all its features and options, check our Starburst slot review, where we discuss all aspects of the game. Reading a review of the game and trying out the demo mode are perhaps the best two ways to get familiar with a particular slot, in this case Starburst. If you play Starburst demo you will get a chance to test the gameplay, see all game features and all that without having to wager a single penny.

In fact, that is the only difference between playing Starburst demo and playing the real money version of the game – there are no cash wagers involved, everything else is completely identical. You will even be awarded a virtual budget, a bankroll that resembles a real bankroll, but without you having to wager any actual cash.

Why Play Starburst Demo

Playing a game in demo mode may seem like an unusual idea if you haven’t done it before, or if you are new to online slots, but it is something quite usual and normal for most online slots fans. If you think about, it makes a lot of sense to play a demo version before playing the actual real money variant. After all, if you would play a demo version of a conventional game before purchasing the actual game, why wouldn’t you do the same with a slot?

Starburst is one of the best and most played games, enjoyed and loved by thousands and thousands of players, but it is always best to see for yourself why this game is so great, and the Starburst demo will enable you to do just that.

Starburst Demo Features

Once the Starburst demo game loads, you will notice the three by five grid and below you will notice the bet and the level fields. While you can’t adjust the number of active paylines, there are ten paylines and they are always active, you can adjust the bet level and the coin value. In the bottom right corner, you will see the coins value and that indicates the amount of coins left if you keep betting at the same level.

Just below the auto play button you will see the cash that’s at your disposal. That’s the virtual funds that have been provided and when you’re playing the game in demo mode you aren’t wagering any actual funds, so there’s no need to worry, but you should also remember that your winnings aren’t real money winnings either.

What Does RTP Stand For?

Simply put, RTP is an abbreviation for ‘Return to Player’ which is a calculated percentage of all the wins versus the played stakes. This is an average percentage of a predefined number of plays of the slot, rather than of each play of the game.

The number of reels doesn’t play any significant role when the game’s RTP is calculated. This is supported by the fact that there are many instances of three-reel slots boasting much higher RTPs than many five-reel or over slots. To find out the Starburst RTP percentage, and whether it lists the game as an above or below average online slot, read on!

What Slots Should I Play?

Regardless whether they are in for the exciting gameplay or for the cash sums, all players should make a habit of choosing to play slots that have average or above average RTPs. An online slot with an RTP percentage of 96% or over is considered an average or above average RTP game, respectively. Slot games with RTPs below 96% will just get you shorter playing sessions and faster depletion of money over time.

The highest RTP percentages of any online slot are not given by default and you’ll need to set the slot in a certain way to get the highest rate. To get the highest possible Return to Player rate of any slot, you need to play with the maximum number of active paylines and total bet to have better chances at receiving higher payouts. Most online slots are designed to award the highest RTP rates only when players decide to play with all active paylines and Starburst slots is no exception.

Starburst RTP

As mentioned in the sections above, you should make a habit of playing slots that have average or above average RTP rates. Starburst slot’s RTP rate of 96.10% is more than enough to list this excellent NetEnt release as an above-average slot game, which is always a plus for any online slot.

Concluding Remarks

BingoScanner is the site that leads you to great bonuses and special offers for the Starburst slots. Browsing the offers that we have right on this page is the best way to find your favorite casino or bingo site to play this game. Among those that provide great offers plus Starburst free spins are Paddypower, Secret Slots, Betfair, Wink Slots and others which are listed on the side bar. Feel free to claim Starburst free spins by signing up now via Bingo Scanner. 

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