Secrets of the Phoenix Free Spins

Secrets of the Phoenix Free Spins

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There are many secrets in the world, some of them deserve a lot more attention while others are simply not that worth revealing. One thing is for sure – Secrets of the Phoenix Slot hides something that’s not that far away from the players, and you can get to it by spinning the fantastic reels of this slot game.

Secrets of the Phoenix Slot comes from Gamesys and it revolves around the ancient south American temples and the floating islands from the Avatar movie to bring ultimate satisfaction to the players.

As we said, there are many lucrative rewards and prizes in this game, and all you need to do to get them is to spin the reels of this awesome game, so let’s get going.

In this article, we will be talking more about the Secrets of the Phoenix Slot Free Spins and a bit about the game and what it offers.


Secrets of the Phoenix Slot

Secrets of the Phoenix Slot is an amazing Gamesys game with five reels and 25 paylines where you can choose to play the game with denomination range from £0.01 all the way up to £100.00 with a max of £4 per line.

Choose a casino which suits you the most and make sure you deposit if you want to grab the welcome bonus it offers.

Since the maximum jackpot is a multiplier, hit the bet max feature to set the denomination and coin value, as well as the paylines and level of the game all the way to the maximum which will most certainly increase your chances of landing a profound and lucrative win. Be careful with this feature, as it might lose all of your money pretty fast and leave you bankrupt, so either come up with a plan or a limit for your cash, or neglect this feature completely.

The Auto Play, on the other hand, offers a more relaxed approach to the game and will spin the reels automatically with you only setting the denomination and the number of auto spins.


Secrets of the Phoenix Slot Free Spins

There are two ways to get free spins in Secrets of the Phoenix Slot and one of them is through the welcome bonus that you will get once you make the deposit in the wanted casino. The welcome bonus might not always be free spins, therefore, if you are targeting a specific welcome bonus, make sure you check it out before depositing.

The other way is through the free spins feature of Secrets of the Phoenix Slot.

The free spins bonus is also triggered by the cascading reels, and you’ll trigger the free spins feature by landing at least four of those symbols. This bonus round takes players down into a dark underground world, so a separate screen, and offers you plenty of ways to increase your rewards. It also adds more free spins to further boost your chances of winning. Best of luck with Secrets of the Phoenix slot and the prizes in it!

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