Reel King RTP

Reel King RTP

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Reel King is one of Novomatic’s most popular slot games, even though it resembles some of the other slots delivered by the same provider. The game features a retro theme, you will notice large fruity symbols on the reels, even though they have been designed in a more modern fashion. The Reel King RTP indicates the amount of all wagered funds that is returned to players. To be more precise, the letters RTP in Reel King RTP stand for return to player, so there’s no surprise there.

The RTP concept can be somewhat confusing, as it is theoretical, and it is calculated long-term, based on a simulation of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of games, and an average session usually includes a lot fewer spins. If you want to know more about Reel King and the overall game features, check our detailed Reel King review. Here, we’ll discuss the Reel King RTP percentage, what it means for the game, and what RTP means in general.

Meaning Of RTP

Most providers publish the RTP figures for their games, usually at the time when the games are released, often even prior to the official release. The developers have the right to choose the RTP for their games, so when a game is released, and it is made available at a range online slots and bingo sites it is always offered with the same RTP percentage, except in the cases when more than one variant of a game is released, and the different variants feature different RTP percentages.

So, if a game has an RTP percentage of 95%, it means that 95% of every wager is returned back to the players. But, the percentage isn’t calculated individually, i.e. it doesn’t mean that every particular player will get 95% of their wagers back. If that were the case, playing slots wouldn’t have made any sense, because everybody would’ve known how much they would be in a position to win.

Some players may receive a lot more funds than what they have wagered, whereas others might be losing money, that’s how slots work and everybody hopes that their session will be profitable. So, it doesn’t mean that if you wager £100, you can expect to get £95 back, it might be less, but it may also be a lot more.

Reel King RTP Percentage

The Reel King RTP percentage is set at 94%, and that’s generally in line with the RTP rate usually set by Novomatic. Most of their games are at that level. Frankly speaking, there are slots with higher RTP rates, in fact, the average is about 95%, so we can say that the RTP percentage of this particular game is below average.

However, if you like Reel King and you enjoy playing games with a similar theme, don’t get too bothered with the RTP percentage, just play the game at one of the bingo sites featured on Bingo Scanner and hope for the best. Even though the RTP isn’t in your favour, the luck might be.


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