Jackpot Gems RTP

Jackpot Gems RTP

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RTP is an aspect of online slots is often discussed, both among players, as well as games developers, and we have to admit that it is a very important aspect too. Regardless whether we’re talking of the Jackpot Gems RTP percentage, the RTP of another game, or return to player percentage in general, you always have to understand what the RTP means and what influence it has on gameplay and potential winnings, in order to be in a position to fully grasp the value and favourability of a particular online slot game.

Jackpot Gems is a fun and very popular game, it offers few bonus features where you can get a decent multiplier. The gameplay itself is rather amusing and the symbols are bright and flashy. The game looks rather old-school, but some players actually prefer that. If you want to get familiar with this game overall and its specific features, check our Jackpot Gems review and find out everything about it. Here we talk about the Jackpot Gems RTP, but also about the concept of RTP and what it means for you as a player.

RTP – Meaning And Importance

The RTP percentage tells you how much a game returns, as it is indicated by the phrase itself – return to player. But, that still doesn’t say much. You’ve probably noticed that the RTP is expressed in percentage points. So, what do we really mean when we say that a game has an RTP of 95%, for example – is a legitimate question.

When a game has an RTP of 95%, that means that out of all funds wagered on the game, the casino and bingo sites that feature it, return 95% as winnings. Sites that offer the game have no influence over the RTP, the percentage is set previously, by the game developer. Some game providers set higher, whereas other companies may set lower RTPs on their games, but there are also differences between individual games.

Jackpot Gems RTP

For instance, the Jackpot Gems RTP may differ from the RTP of another game, even if it was developed by the same online game software developer. In this particular case, the Jackpot Gems RTP is 96.10%. That means that out of the total sum of funds that have been wagered on this game, all operators who offer the game return about 96.10% to the players as winnings. Of course, the returns are completely random, some player may have wagered £10 and lost most of it, whereas somebody else might have won £1,000 with a wager of £20.

That’s why we say that the RTP figure is theoretical, it is always calculated on a large number of games, not just a few spins. Speaking of the particular RTP for Jackpot Gems, we need to say that it is rather favourable, as 95% is usually considered to be the average RTP percentage for slot games. While 96.10% isn’t too high, it is quite good.


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