House of Fun RTP

House of Fun RTP

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House of Fun Slot has an interesting theme of two children who get lost in the woods and end up across a Haunted House. They decide to enter the house and the rest is all presented in the game. You are the tailor of the destiny of the children and by spinning the reels you are either helping them escape the haunted house, so-called House of Fun, and helping yourself with some awesome lucrative prizes, or you will leave both yourself and the kids halfway.

Check out this fantastic piece of work that comes from the studio of BetSoft, and in this article, we will be talking a bit more about the RTP of the slot, so stick around.

House of Fun Slot

House of Fun slot offers five reels and 30 paylines at your disposal which you can use to land some of the scary symbols and win the awesome prizes that this game offers. To start spinning the reels, you need to choose a casino, deposit and grab the welcome bonus that it gives to the players. After that’s done, set the coin size which ranges from 0.01 all the way up to 5.

The maximum amount that you can win in the game is a jackpot multiplier of x150, which means playing with a higher denomination will always bring you more whopping wins.

Hit the Bet Max button to set the denomination, coin value and level of the game all the way to the maximum while also activating all of the paylines that this game offers. Be careful with this feature, as it might seem like a good option, it can lose all of your cash in the blink of an eye, so either come up with ha plan or a limit, or completely neglect this feature.

The Auto Play if for the ones that are willing to approach the game a bit more relaxed, as it will set the reels spinning automatically, with you only setting the denomination and the number of auto spins. You can always cancel the feature and proceed manually.

House of Fun Slot RTP

The RTP comes from Return to player which means the amount of cash that the online slot game returns to the players after a certain period of time (10 months to a year) or a certain amount of free spins (10,000 to 100,000), depending on the company.

House of Fun Slot’s RTP is 95.00%, meaning it keeps only 5% for itself while returning the majority to the players. Be among the people that will get the most out of this 95 % and start spinning the game today.

RTP is an interesting feature that has to be exactly the same due to the licences that the games pass, and it has to match after the period passes.

It is also a good indicator whether you should play the game, or the game is poor money wise, and House of Fun Slot belongs to the games that should ne on your to-do list. 

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