House of Fun Demo

House of Fun Demo

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There is always something incredible in the House of Fun, and we can see exactly that in this online slot game developed by Betsoft. With the same name, House of fun slot, this game will surely make an impression on you.

The design is outstanding as well as the music that follows you while you play, so make sure you turn up the volume and get prepared to be amazed.

In this online slot game, we will be speaking about the slot game a little bit, but more about the House of Fun demo and why you should always consider playing the demo version before the original slot game.

House of Fun Slot

House of Fun and its hosts Paul and Jane invite you on an amazing adventure where you need to place those interesting symbols on the five reels and 30 paylines.

The game can start as soon as you select an online casino to play it at. All the casinos are on the right-hand side of the article and you can see their welcome bonus as well as the players’ rating and terms and conditions of the same. Check out our reviews of the casino and all the parameters which will help in your decision making.

The maximum amount that you can win in a multiplier, meaning that the higher denomination you play with, the larger your potential wins will be for the same symbols.

This is where the Bet Mac feature comes in handy. This feature sets the denomination, level and coin value all the way to the maximum while also activating all of the paylines of House of Fun slot. This feature may be really rewarding, but it may also lose all of your money in the blink of an eye. We suggest you come up with a plan or limit when playing this feature, or completely forget about the same.

On the other hand, the Auto Play is a more relaxed feature which sets the reels spinning automatically. All you need to do is set the denomination and number of auto spins before you can forget about the game and make yourself your favourite tea. You can always cancel the feature and continue manually.

House of Fun Demo

The demo version of a slot game is here for a reason. Every slot game is unique and unlike the next one you will play. Instead of investing your money in learning the symbols, abilities and bonus features of the game, you can simply play House of Fun demo.

The demo version is exactly the same, with one small difference – you spin the reels with credits given to you from the site rather than your own money, so this saves you quite a bit. It will teach you how to play the game and save your money in the process.

Once you feel comfortable, get back to the original House of Fun slot, and experience what the game has prepared for you.

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