Golden Colts RTP

Golden Colts RTP

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Play the Golden Colts slot and shoot some wild west zombies for the top prize of 2500 credits times the winning bet. This 40 payline slot has seven bonus games and boasts of the amazing Golden Colts RTP that we will divulge in our overview of the game. 

Golden Colts Slot Overview

Wild West themed slot machines are a thing of their own, and now we have a modern-western twist in the Golden Colts slot. A group of renegades have banded to form a bounty hunting group whose main interest is - zombies. You wouldn't have guessed it, but it makes perfect sense. Zombies have been all the rage for quite some time now, from popular fiction novels to Hollywood movies. At one point pop culture was pervaded by zombies and the idea of a zombie apocalypse, so it is quite fitting that the world of online casinos has its very own zombie slot. 

The game made by Plan N' Go has five reels, three rows and 40 paylines. In addition to this, there are no less than seven Golden Colts Bonus Features that guarantee any player will have an exciting feat of gambling entertainment that could lead to the top prize of 2500 credits times your winning bet. 

Golden Colts Design

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The game has been designed with attention to detail and the effort invested shows from the start. The cast of characters have been well thought out and none of them looks like he or she doesn't belong on the reels. The same is true for the cowboy zombies, which have been drawn and rendered with much imagination. The Golden Colts slot low valued symbols are card numbers and letters: nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. A Wild West slot wouldn't be that without card symbols, but to be honest they lack in luster and character when compared to the high valued symbols. 

At any rate, that doesn't take away from the game's edge and anyone who gets into it wouldn't even notice. That being said, let's go over some of gameplay details that make Golden Colts what it is, and you can find that on the other Golden Colts review pages on Bingo Scanner. Another thing we want to do is let the players know about the Golden Colts RTP which helps to make a decision in trying, end even staying with this game for some time. 

Golden Colts RTP

The game’s Return to Player probability has been set at an amazing 96.50%. Now in all considerations this is a giveaway for an online slot that has that many bonus games. Definitely, the Golden Colts RTP could the decisive factor for the distinguishing player who factors-in this detail when looking to take his or her chances on any game's top prize. For players who don't care about winning the jackpot and just want good entertainment, and perhaps a surprising treat, the RTP could mean extended gameplay owing to more frequent winnings. 

Concluding Remarks

We’ll go straight to the point. Golden Colts has everything in place for a solid gambling entertainment and you can start on a good footing by selecting a Welcome Package from any of our casinos. Spin to Win Golden Colts and claim your Free Spins right from this page. 

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