Bingo sites with Goddess of the Amazon

Bingo sites with Goddess of the Amazon

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There are multiple stories and legends about Amazonian women and their strength. The engineers and developers at Inspired Gaming were quite inspired (pun intended), by Amazonians and their mythical powers, so they decided to create a game based on the tales of Amazonian women. The game was conveniently named Goddess of the Amazon. We’ve provided a thorough review of Goddess of the Amazon, in case you want to get yourself familiarised with all game features and specifics. Many bingo fans like this game and are looking for bingo sites with Goddess of the Amazon, so, we decided to have a look at the matter ourselves.

Are There Any Bingo Sites With Goddess Of The Amazon

It’s not just people who are into Amazonian history, culture or anthropology that are into Goddess of the Amazon, in fact, the game is quite impressive on many levels. There are 20 paylines and the outline is standard, with five reels. The game logo features, a fierce Amazonian female warrior, not that anybody had any doubts what this game is all about, though.


Moreover, the game features a progressive jackpot, so it is no wonder that bingo players are looking for bingo sites with Goddess of the Amazon, after all, who wouldn’t want to hit a massive jackpot while playing their favourite bingo games.

In our search for bingo sites with Goddess of the Amazon, we had to conclude that, currently, there aren’t any such sites. On Bingo Scanner we provide reviews only of reliable and trustworthy bingo sites, owned and operated by respectable companies, who have built a strong image and a solid reputation. The bingo sites that are featured on Bingo Scanner offer plenty of online slots, in fact, many of them offer as many as 300 slots, or even more, but Goddess of the Amazon isn’t one of them.

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Goddess of the Amazon Special Features

That doesn’t mean that our bingo sites won’t add Goddess of the Amazon at some point in the future, after all it is a popular and a very playable game and it will surely be a hit with bingo players. After all, this game has a great free spins bonus feature. In this game, you can activate the free spins bonus by hitting at least three bonus scatters. With three bonus symbols you will get to play eight free games, but if you hit as many as four symbols, then you will be awarded double that many – 16. Finally, if you’re fortunate enough to hit 5 bonus symbols, you’ll be able to play 30 free spins.

Goddess of the Amazon features two progressive jackpots, a gold and a silver one. While the silver jackpot can be won by anyone within the main game, at any point, the gold jackpot can only be won during the free spins bonus game, and that’s one more reason for players to be happy when they manage to activate the bonus game, because who knows, once the bonus game is launched, there’s always a possibility to hit the gold progressive jackpot.


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