Goddess Of The Amazon Slot Review


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Goddess Of The Amazon Slot Review

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Up to 30 Free Spins

Progressive Jackpot 


Only One Bonus Feature

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Goddess Of The Amazon Slot Game

Do you think you will be able to survive in the Amazon without the help of your lovely goddess in this relatively new online slot game called Goddess of the Amazon Slot? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right page.

Meet Goddess of the Amazon Slot, one of the best online slots by INGG slots producer that will most definitely catch your attention. This slot possesses five reels and 20 paylines and it is here to present you how the jungle wilderness works through the help of the Jungle Goddess. To spin the reels of this awesome online slot game, you need to register and make a deposit on our site. After that, you need to set the denomination with a range from £0.20 all the way up to £500.00 and hit the spin button positioned on the bottom, just below the reels. With this, you will have an outstanding chance of winning their maximum jackpot amount which is £250,000. This is without taking into account the two progressive jackpots in both ends of the game!

Carry on reading to find out more about Goddess of the Amazon.

Goddess of the Amazon Review

Goddess of the Amazon Slot are developed by INGG and we haven’t reviewed many slots by this provider. According to what we have seen so far, this is by far their best game, and this is the game that propelled them towards the top of the food chain in the online slot developers list, so you have to give Goddess of the Amazon Slot a try.

Goddess of the Amazon Slot was released in 2015 and it has some fantastic features – stick around to find out more.

Goddess Of The Amazon Slot Design

As soon as you enter on the reels of Goddess of the Amazon, you will find yourself in front of a vast jungle and symbols that can be found only in the Amazon. The screen has a really attractive Amazon background, but the main thing that you will see are the two jackpots located in the top corners. There are a Gold and Silver jackpots, and we will talk about them in a moment.  The top of the reels is for the game’s logo, while the bottom is for the adjustable options that Goddess of the Amazon Slot possesses, as well as for the Max Bet and AutoPlay features, plus the Spin button.

The sides are for the paylines, and if you mouse over them they will show on the reels so that you know how they worn and what to expect.

Play Goddess of the Amazon - Claim your Free Spins at Bingo Scanner

On the reels, you can see symbols that can be found in the Amazon Jungle, with our goddess being there to help us in winning the lucrative wins. If you turn up the volume, you will hear the sounds that can be heard in the jungle, from all the animals and the birds' sounds, as well as the leaves of the trees.

How To Play Goddess Of The Amazon

Goddess of the Amazon Slot offers five reels and 20 paylines at your disposal, and to be able to spin the reels, you need to set the denomination with a range from £0.02 all the way up to £500.00 – the best thing about Goddess of the Amazon Slot is the maximum amount that you can win which is a £250.000, and unlike most of the games that have a multiplier as the highest payout, Goddess of the Amazon Slot has a fixed amount. This is because of the progressive jackpots that are present in the game, and like every slot, your best option is to play with the highest denomination as that is the only way that you will “feed” the progressive jackpots that Goddess of the Amazon Slot offers, but we will talk about them in a bit later.

If you want to play the game at it’s best, and you want to feel your adrenaline flowing, hit the “Bet Max” button located on the reels and it will set the denomination, the coin value and the level of the game all the way to the maximum and it will also active all of the paylines that this game possesses. Although this feature seems like a big bite, you should be very careful playing it, as it may lose all of your money pretty fast.

On the other hand, check the “Auto Play” for a more relaxed approach to the game, and it will spin the reels of the game with all you need to do is set the denomination and the number of auto spins.

Goddess Of The Amazon Bonus Features

The bonus feature of this game, as the symbol states for itself, is actually a Free Spin feature. Depending on the number of symbols you land on the screen, you will get the following number of free spins:

  • 3 Free Spins symbols – 8 Free Spins
  • 4 Free Spins symbols – 16 Free Spins
  • 5 Free Spins symbols – 30 Free Spins

Every wild that appears in this feature will go one step down. You can see the spins remaining on the top of the reels, and there is always a chance to re-trigger this feature with more Free Spins symbols landing on the reels, as well as with the coins that keep spinning below the reels.

Goddess Of The Amazon Progressive Jackpot

This game has not only one, but two progressive jackpots and they are the gold and the silver jackpot. The silver one can only be won in the normal round while the gold jackpot can be only triggered by the Free Spins bonus feature. Both of them have a unique symbol and will be awarded If five of them land anywhere on the reels. The Jackpots have fixed minimum and the more you play the more they go up until they award the player, and reset to the fixed minimum, starting the process all over again.

Play Goddess of the Amazon a go today and test your luck with its incredible progressive jackpot. You could come away with huge prizes!


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