Fruity Burst RTP

There are major differences between classic retro slots that featured fruity symbols and just one or few winning combinations and modern online games that come with advanced graphics and gameplay options. In fact, the two are a world apart. There are players who prefer the games of the olden days, but also those who prefer complicated and refined games of today.

The discrepancy between the two isn’t that wide and Playtech managed to demonstratively show that retro and modern games can be reconciled. Fruity Burst is one fine example of a newer game that includes both retro elements, as well as modern features. Pretty much everything about this game is quite extraordinary and unique, except for the Fruity Burst RTP which is quite standard.

Fruity Burst Features

It appears that the main character in Fruity Burst is the elderly gentleman who sells fruit at his stall. But for all players the symbols that appear on the reels are actually more important, as they can generate some quite hefty winnings, especially if you manage to get multiple instances of the same symbol on the reels.

There are no standard paylines in Fruity Burst, a spin is successful, i.e. you win if there are enough equal symbols on the reels. All symbols in Fruity Burst have a name, which is not surprising considering that they are quite anthropomorphic. First, we have Jaffa the orange, then Pippin the apple all the way up to Cherry the tomato, although Cherry might actually be a cherry tomato. Actually, that would make more sense.

You’ll need a minimum five instances of the same symbol on the reels for a win. So, as long as you get your five a day, you’d be alright. Cherry is by far the most valuable symbol and it pays significantly more than Lester the strawberry, the second most valuable symbol. You will get the maximum prize for each symbol when you hit a combination of 16 or more symbols on the reels.

For 16 Cherry symbols on the reels you will get 5,000 times your wager, and considering that the maximum wager is £10, this means that you could get up to £50,000. However, you will get a significantly lower amount for fewer symbols. For instance, a winning combination consisted of five oranges pays only 0.3 times your wager, whereas nine oranges pay 1.2 times your stake. On the other hand, nine Cherry symbols pay a lot more – 750 times your wager.

Fruity Burst RTP – 95.00%

We mentioned that the Fruity Burst RTP is rather standard – the actual percentage is 95.00% and that’s pretty much the standard percentage. There are games with a lower return rate, but also ones that offer higher returns. The RTP is based on a theoretical calculation, set before the game is released and even though it is the only objective figure that we can use to see how favourable a game is, it still doesn’t have a direct impact on an individual gaming session, since the calculation is based on hundreds of thousands if not millions of virtual spins.


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