Double Bubble Tips

Double Bubble Tips

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If you are considering giving the five-reels set of Double Bubble slot a spin, it’s always a smart thing to prepare yourself by reading some Double Bubble tips beforehand. You can use them to devise a better playing strategy on how to win more of the game’s excellent payouts. To read our Double Bubble tips, scroll to the bottom of the page!

Double Bubble Overview

Aside from the game’s simple but interesting design and interesting gameplay, Double Bubble slot also features a nicely thought through bonus feature. Depending on your selection during the bonus game, you can get a random coin multiplier.


The limits for the bet per line variable are set at £0.01 and £200.00, respectively. In regard to the paylines, you can select anywhere from 1 to 20 active paylines. The Double Bubble symbol acts as a Wild symbol and can substitute any other symbol to form a winning combination. If you manage to land five of the Double Bubble wild symbols on a single active payline, you will be awarded the game’s maximum payout.

Double Bubble Bonus Features

When bonus features are in question, Double Bubble slot has one bonus game that can get you nice coin multipliers. To trigger this Bonus game, you need to land three of the game’s bonus symbols across reels one, three, and five. When the round is activated, you will be presented with three bubbles and you’ll need to pop one of them for the chance to win a cash prize. If there is a random coin multiplier inside the chosen bubble, that’s what you’ll win.

Double Bubble Tips

It is more than obvious that there is no such thing as a sure win when it comes to online video slots, but what you can do is maximise your chances of landing a win. In order to increase your chances of landing a win when spinning the reel set of Double Bubble online slot, check out the following Double Bubble tips and tricks:


  • Play maximum lines – If you opt to play with less than the maximum number of active paylines, then you’ll reduce your chances of activating the bonus game. You wouldn’t want this to happen because the bonus games are usually where you can win some of the best payouts and prizes.​
  • Choose your stake wisely – You want your bankroll to last as much as possible in order to have a reasonable chance of triggering the bonus game at least once. Choose a stake that gives you the most rounds for your money.​
  • Never panic! Maybe you have lost 80% of your bankroll, but the more games you play, the chances of hitting the big win are higher.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an online video slot game with an interesting gameplay and nice rewards, then Double Bubble slot may be the game you are looking for. To have better chances of getting the most of this excellent game, just follow our Double Bubble tips and have fun playing!


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