Double Bubble RTP

Double Bubble RTP

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Double Bubble by Gamesys is one of the most playable and most commonly played slots. It is definitely a masterpiece, and a lot of players tend to agree. The game has a lot of unique features, starting with the Double Bubble RTP which is not fixed, but it can vary, which means that your chances of winning can fluctuate. If you want to get familiar with every aspect of this great game, with all features, and most importantly, if you want to know how to play Double Bubble, check our Double Bubble review.


Double Bubble Basics

Double Bubble is a wonderful mix between a modern and a retro game and you will recognise classic slot symbols which were popular back in the 1970ies, when all games featured cherries and bells, and everything was much simpler. Even though Double Bubble features retro symbols, the game is very contemporary. After the initial release in 2014, the provider updated the game and the updated version featured a lot more advanced graphics. There were no amends in the Double Bubble RTP percentage though.


Double Bubble RTP Percentage

The Double Bubble RTP may vary from 95.75% to 96.24%, but if you’re not familiar with the concept of RTP or its bearing on the gameplay, that might not mean a lot to you. Namely, the RTP percentage tells you how much of the funds that have been staked are returned to the players. If you’re wondering how funds can be returned to the players, there is a pretty straightforward answer to that question – as winnings. So, the Double Bubble RTP tells us how much of everything that the players have wagered in the game is paid back to them.

You’ve noticed that the RTP is expressed in percentage points, so it is logical to ask what that means for a particular player, or a particular gaming session. If we say that the higher RTP percentage is 96.24%, does that mean that you should expect to receive £96.24 from every £100 you wager?! That would make no sense, because if all players got the same returns there would be no point in playing the game, whatsoever.

Fortunately, that is not the case, the RTP is a theoretical return rate and the calculation is made based on millions of spins. So, the RTP generally tells us how lucrative a game is, i.e. how significant your winning chances are, but it doesn’t give you any exact figures.


Who Sets RTP Percentages?

The RTP rate is always determined by the game developer, so in this case it is Gamesys that decided to set the Double Bubble RTP at the specified rates. Casino operators that offer the game have no option of altering the game RTP, so as long as you play the game at a certified slots or bingo site, you will be able to play it at the same RTP rate.

Independent testing organisations often do RTP check and then release RTP figures both collectively for the operator as a whole, but also per game and their figures should match the published return rates.

In a Nutshell

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