Double Bubble Jackpot Winners

Double Bubble Jackpot Winners

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There aren’t too many slots fans that aren’t familiar with Double Bubble. This Gamesys slot is one of the most popular and most playable slots nowadays, and it still draws large numbers of players, despite the fact that it was released back in 2014. Most players that have played this game at least once remember it well, but there are some players that certainly won’t forget it as long as they live. We’re talking, of course, of the Double Bubble jackpot winners.

Pretty Impressive Jackpot Wins

The original Double Bubble game, which we have reviewed here doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot, and even though there have been many Double Bubble jackpot winners who won some of the lucrative in-game prizes, the mind-blowing amounts have been won by players who have played the Double Bubble sister game, conveniently named Double Bubble Jackpot.

Unlike standard games where you can’t expect jackpot prizes that are too high, and which are usually fixed and cannot exceed certain amounts, progressive jackpots can generate prizes that can exceed £100,000. The list of Double Bubble jackpot winners includes some pretty lucky players who have managed to hit jackpots above the £100,000 mark.

Three Double Bubble Jackpot Winners In A Day

There have been plenty of Double Bubble jackpot winners and considering the game’s popularity we can expect an even higher number of winners in the future. Also, it is not uncommon for this jackpot to be triggered multiple times in few days or so. Foe example, on seven occasions it happened that two players managed to activate the jackpot within one day. One night was particularly hectic, as three players managed to hit the jackpot.

Some Double Bubble Jackpot Winners Have Won Over £100K

All of the Double Bubble jackpot winners who managed to hit the most significant jackpots are from the UK and in most cases, they played the game either at JackpotJoy or at Virgin Games. The highest jackpot prize exceeded £200,000, and it was hit towards the end of November 2016. Alison was the name of the lucky winner. Almost two years earlier, Russell managed to win more than £115K, right in time for Christmas.

Fatma is the name of the third player who managed to hit a prize over £110,000. A player also called Russel, with the same surname initial as the previous Russel, managed to hit just above £110K at the beginning of 2015. If that is the same person, then we can safely say that he is the luckiest Double Bubble player in history.

Jessy H. is the name of the player who hit a jackpot that exceeded £107K in 2017 and the remaining jackpot wins have been lower than £100K.

Future Expectations

The Double Bubble jackpot has been won more than 700 times so far and the total amount of money that has been won exceeds £3.5 million. The stories of all Double Bubble jackpot winners are surely quite exciting, but we can definitely expect more jackpot wins in the years to come, as the number of players who enjoy playing Double Bubble grows on a daily basis.


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