Double Bubble Bonus Features

Double Bubble Bonus Features

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Arguably one of the best games that you will come across in the online gambling community is Double Bubble slot. This online slot game offers amazing gameplay and all the symbols are related to the very first symbols that were present in the online slot game, commonly known as the fruit symbols.

Check out the awesome Gamesys design and lovely Double Bubble Bonus Features which is why we are here in the first place. We will talk a bit more about the features, but the first few words about the game itself and what it possesses.

Double Bubble Slot

The incredible slot game is one of the most played games for a reason. Double Bubble slot has five reels and 20 paylines at your disposal, and you can win up to £200,000 Jackpot in the game if you are lucky enough.

To start playing the slot game, you need to select a casino with Double Bubble. Our casinos are located on the right hand of the site, and you can see the players’ reviews as well as their welcome bonuses. All the casinos have unique user interface and experience, and they have a pretty important role in your overall gameplay, so choose wisely.

Once that’s done, it’s time to select the denomination before you start playing, which at Double Bubble slot ranges from £0.01 all the way up to £200.00 where the RTP is a fantastic 96.20%.

We suggest you play with as high denomination as possible as the largest win is a multiplier and your initial prizes will be larger that way. You can set the denomination, coin value and level of the game all the way to the maximum while also activating all of the paylines that double bubble has with the hit of the Bet Max feature. This is one of the most rewarding features of the slot games, but it may also lose all of your money in the blink of an eye, so you need to come up with a plan or a limit to your cash, or completely neglect the feature.

Double Bubble Bonus Features

I know you would expect a specific bonus feature like spin the wheel or toss the coin, pick and open the prizes hidden inside the box and something similar which can be found in all of the online slot games, but Eyecon had a different idea about this game. Let’s see the Double Bubble Bonus Features.

There is one lovely bonus feature in Double Bubble slot, and it’s an amazing and unique one. You will notice as soon as you enter the game that the word BONUS is written at the bottom right corner, just below the reels. Each letter gets filled one by one, each time you make a winning combination. When they are all filled, the bonus explodes, and you will be awarded a coin prize depending on your denomination.

Select a casino and spin the reels of the awesome bubble game. 

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