Cleopatra RTP

Cleopatra RTP

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It is hard to find another game that has made such an impact on the online slots industry in the last 15 years than IGT’s Cleopatra. Many people claim that this is the most popular online slot of all times and that is not far from the truth. Just the fact that the game was developed back in 2006, yet it is still played and loved by players from all over the world is a sufficient testament to its popularity and grandeur.
Undoubtedly one of IGT’s finest games, Cleopatra marked a whole era. Many games are popular for a short period of time but later they virtually disappear, but Cleopatra is still popular, even after a dozen years.
The Cleopatra RTP may not be the highest RTP compared to some other online slots, but it is still alright, and due to the popularity of the game and its interesting features, so many players are willing to disregard the lower Cleopatra RTP and still commit to the game.
There aren’t many slots fans who have not played the original IGT Cleopatra at least once, but if you happen to be one of those players, or you want to refresh your memory because you haven’t played this game in a while, check our Cleopatra review, and find out everything about this iconic slot. Here we’ll discuss a bit more about the Cleopatra RTP and the meaning of RTP overall.

The Meaning RTP And Its Importance

Before we get into the Cleopatra RTP, we wanted to talk a bit more about the concept of RTP, one of the most essential concepts regarding slots. RTP is an abbreviation that stands for return to player, and it tells us the amount that the game returns to the players, as winnings. So basically, if we take all the funds that have been wagered on a game, the RTP tells us the amount that is returned back to the players.
The RTP percentage is set by the game developer, so all slots and bingo sites where the game is available offer the same variant of the game, with an identical RTP percentage. The operators cannot alter the RTP, although the RTP may vary.
For instance, the RTP for Megajackpots Cleopatra, an updated version of the game that features a progressive jackpot, is variable, when the progressive amount is lower the RTP is also lower, but as the jackpot amount grows, so does the RTP. Other games feature variable RTP rates where the percent may depend on some in-game choice that the player makes, thus giving players more control over the game.

Cleopatra RTP

Cleopatra RTP percentage is 95%, somewhere it is listed as 95.02%, and that is considered to be a pretty much average RTP percentage. There are games with a lower, as well as ones with a higher percentage. The later released Megajackpots variant of Cleopatra featured a lower RTP percentage, whereas the sequel to Cleopatra – Cleopatra II had a higher RTP percentage.


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