Centurion Free Spins

Centurion Free Spins

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It may seem like an easy task, but to become a Centurion you actually need to be fearless, stronger of them all. This is what Centurion Slot is all about – being the best and focusing on what you can do to win the most online prizes. The battle continues, with the focus swiping to something else now.

Let’s take a step back into Ancient Rome, which is the main inspiration for many of the online slot games that we are playing today. Centurion Slot is one of them, and today we will focus on it.

In this article we will talk a bit about the game, but more about the Centurion Free Spins and how you can get them here.


Centurion Slot

Centurion is a fine game developed by Inspired Gaming, and it’s possibly the best slot that came out of their games oven. This slot game possesses five reels and 20 fixed paylines where you should land your winning combination of symbols at. The slot game can be played with denomination with a range from £0.20 all the way up to £250.00 with a maximum amount being a multiplier of x500. Since the maximum amount is a multiplier, and obviously all the prizes work that way, the higher denomination you play with, the more lucrative wins you will get, but also lose more if it’s not your day.

Hit the Bet Max feature on the bottom of the page, which will set the denomination, coin value and level of the game all the way to the maximum, and it will also activate all of the paylines of the game. Be careful with this feature, as although it might seem like a big bite, it may lose all of your money pretty fast. The best way to play with this feature is to come up with a plan or a limit to your cash, and never pass it, as you might be left with nothing if it’s not your gambling day. Either do that or neglect this feature completely.

The Auto Play, on the other hand, offers a far more relaxed approach to the game, and it will spin the reels automatically without you having to move a finger.

Let’s talk about the free spins of Centurion now.


Centurion Free Spins

Centurion Slot has a number of bonus features and mini-games inside the bonus features as well. There are total of four bonus features out of which two are free spins. Each of them can be triggered by landing three of the centurion bonus symbol, which activates one of the four features randomly.

The first one, called Caesar’s Free Spins, gives you the opportunity to spin a wheel with a number of free spins on it. The number that you get is the number of your free spins.

The Wild Power Spins also gives three free spins where you have wilds to help your outcome with the game.

Best of luck with Centurion Slot!


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